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How to escape the “Richmond bubble”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Richmond chapter.

Going to school in a small, secluded neighborhood can be tough. Day after day of going to the same places on campus without an easy way out can be monotonous. Luckily, with the city of Richmond 10 minutes away, grab a friend with a car, a shuttle and explore! 


Richmond’s great variety of restaurants has caused it to be ranked nationally as one of the best “foodie” towns. The great diversity of restaurants make it easy to try something new and go to a new place in the city every time! Trying new places to eat will push your comfort zone and save you from the same-old dhall meal. 


Explore nature! The James River is always a great option, but hiking Richmond’s paths or walking around its gardens is a unique way to get off campus an immerse yourself in the outdoors. Bonus points- it’s free! 


Dive into culture! The VMFA is always a good starting point, but Richmond has so many cool, odd things to try. From trivia night in a pho restaurant to art walks, there is something new going on every weekend. 


Volunteer your time and do community service! Doing service is a great way to give back to the Richmond community while obligating you to get off campus. Service can bring you to parts of the city you might never have known of, is free, and can help you meet so many interesting people off campus. 



Photo credit: https://www.fortunebuilders.com/richmond-va-real-estate-market-trends-2016/