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6 Things To Do Other Than Pig Roast

    Pig Roast is a tradition here at UR. If you’re new to UR and are wondering, “What is Pig Roast?” it is the biggest day drinking event of the year. Since the day has gone down in infamy as one of the craziest days of the academic year, I do understand that it is not for everyone. In fact, I completely understand the need for some people to get off campus entirely for that day. I am Pig Roasting it up this year, and I am fan of the tradition, but I also understand that people can get very obnoxious, and the fact that the festivities last all day would drive me crazy if I was not a fan.

   If you fall into that category, do not fret because there are so many fun things to do in RVA (luckily, you go to school in one of the best cities in the country). Here’s a list of a bunch of things to do to get you off campus to avoid the craziness that is Pig Roast.


  1. Maymont

     SpiderNights hosts on this day a trip to Maymont for anyone who wishes to get off campus. It is a fun, easy way to do so, and not to mention -- it’s completely free!


     2. River and Flood Wall

      If it is a beautiful day outside, taking a day to chill at the River is so relaxing. Since finals are just around the corner, it is the perfect way to rejuvenate before the stress of these final weeks of the semester hit you.

     3. Carytown

      There are a million and one things to do in Cartown, from eating at amazing restaurants to popping in and out of all the cute, little shops along the street, one can spend hours parading up and down this part of Richmond.



     4. The Fan and VMFA

       We happen to go to school in one of the artsiest cities in the country, and we have our fine arts district to prove that. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts always has new exhibits, and it has the cutest cafe situated right in its walls. The best part about it is that general admission is totally free!



     5. French Film Festival

       Come support your fellow students who helped put this awesome event on. The French Film festival is rounding out this weekend, so go see a movie at the Byrd Theatre while you can!


    6. Richmond Spring Carnival

        Who doesn’t enjoy a fun carnival or mouth-watering carnival food? All of this week the Spring carnival is in town. After spending all afternoon at SpiderPalooza on Friday, you can post game with another carnival all day Saturday!



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