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5 Restaurants in Richmond For Anyone on a College Student Budget

            Everyone has those days; You’ve had a long day of class and you’re sick of D-Hall. Or maybe it’s Saturday night and you want to celebrate the weekend with your friends at somewhere besides the Cellar. Although you are probably itching to get off campus and out of the “Richmond Bubble”, the thought of looking at your bank account after an expensive dinner is cringe-worthy. Pro tip: DO NOT AVOID LOOKING AT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IN FEAR OF THE NUMBER DROPPING LOWER THAN YOU INTENDED, IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS IN THIS CASE!

 Here are 5 ah-mazing restaurants in Richmond where you can get lunch or dinner for under $15, tip included!

  1.    Galaxy Diner

With most things on the menu under $10, including the Cardiac Arrest Burger (fried ham, bacon, swiss cheese, LTMO and hot sauce), Black Hole Pancakes (Pancakes with Oreo center) and the Aloha Chicken sandwich (grilled chicken breast with pineapple, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and onion), this is a great restaurant for brunch, dinner or a late night snack! Known for its out-of-this-world vibe and retro feel, you can eat to your heart’s content without emptying the contents of your checking account.

2.    Kuba Kuba Dos

 Only a five-minute drive from the UR campus, Kuba Kuba Dos is probably one of the most underrated restaurants in our vicinity. I  recommend you go for brunch, as everything served before 5pm is under $10, AND they serve eggs ALL DAY LONG

3.  Mama J’s Kitchen

Are you from the Northeast and craving the food that the South is so famous for? You can eat a Fried Chicken Entrée served with your choice of corn muffins or dinner rolls for only $8! Or if you want something smaller, try their Catfish nugget appetizer for $6! Located in the historic and cultural hotspot of Jackson Ward, Mama J’s is known for their authentic Southern soul food. I recommend the candied yams side for only $3!

4.) Pho So

Is it the middle of the semester in the dead of winter and you need a bowl of warm soup with noodles? Want to try something different? Pho So’s menu has HUGE portions of Pho, a Vietnamese beef soup, for only $6.75! With 17 different Pho choices, there is something for everyone. Located behind the infamous Original Mexican Restaurant (Mexico’s), Pho So is a hip place where you can find both families and young couples on any night of the week. At these prices, two can eat for under $15!



 5.) Pit and the Peel

This list would not be complete without the late Sunday morning favorite, the Pit and the Peel. With everything from avocado toast to juices to acai bowls, this restaurant is great if you know you need something healthy after a weekend of consuming junk food and alcohol. Both acai and quinoa bowls are $7, making this the perfect brunch.


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