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Shows to Watch While Recovering from Beer Bike

Whether you’re recovering mentally, physically, or some combination of the two, this list is for you.

Father Brown

Watch on: Netflix

Father Brown is basically the definition of wholesome, so it’s worth ignoring those doubts you may have about the plausibility of such a small town playing host to so many murders. Personally, I’ve already begun researching sleepy Cotswold villages to move to.

Made in Chelsea

Watch on: Hulu

Trashy reality shows are good for the soul. (Unless, at the present moment, the mere sight of alcohol makes you want to be sick. Then maybe not so much.)

Morocco: Love in Times of War

Watch on: Netflix

Not only is this soapy drama strangely captivating, but by watching it, you can convince yourself that you’re also honing your Spanish skills. #unconventionallanguageacquisition

Schitt’s Creek

Watch on: Netflix

An underrated gem of a series, Schitt’s Creek will have you laughing, as well as potentially even feeling grateful for your current living situation—communal bathrooms and all.

Ellie is a Political Science and Policy Studies double major at Rice University, with a minor in Politics, Law and Social Thought. She spent the spring of 2017 studying/interning in London, and hopes to return to England for grad school. Academically, Ellie's passion lies in evaluating policies that further the causes of gender equality, LGBT rights, and access to satisfactory healthcare, specifically as it pertains to women's health and mental health. She also loves feminist memoirs, eighteenth-century history, old bookstores, and new places. She's continuously inspired by the many strong females in her life, and is an unequivocal proponent of women supporting women.
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