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School is just about to kick into full gear, which means its just about time for everyone to wish they were somewhere else.  Allow me to enable the travel bug. This weekly blog will feature a new city each week, and will feature a few fun things to do in each of the said towns.  This week, Ibiza, Spain!

Ibiza is an island off the coast of Spain known primarily for its party scene.  The college break locale of choice for pretty much everyone in Europe, Ibiza features tons of nightclubs and bars that all cater to the younger crowd.  Those are googleable.  Harder to come by are daytime attractions.  I’ve compiled a few here to further entice you away from your university (or to convince your skeptical parents that Ibiza isn’t all partying).


1. Dalt Vila


The small coastal town of Evissa lies on a hill, and at the top are the Dalt Vila towers.  The view from the top is absolutely beautiful, and the trek up there takes you past food stands and craft shops and through hidden tunnels and cramped alleyways.  Because the whole town is lit up at night, I’d recommend taking the trek in the dark if you don’t mind taking an hour or two off from partying.  If not, then the Museum of Modern Art, which is at the top, will fulfill a couple more hours during the day.  The hilly landscape is not for the unfit, but its definitely worth the hike.  There are quite a few festivals hosted here over the summer tourism season, as well, ranging from a medieval festival to a music festival.  So much to do in this historic hill town!


2. Ibiza Horse Valley

Most of the nightlife takes place along the southern coast, but these horseback escapades range around the northern mountains and coasts.  Led by a guide, the trips can last from just half a day to several days of camping and riding through the Ibiza Horse Valley.  You can even combine horseback riding trips with scuba diving, mountain biking, or even spa packages.  It’s a pretty leisurely day with some spectacular views and lots of possibilities.  Family owned and operated, the Ibiza Horse Valley also acts as a sanctuary, saving mistreated horses and nursing them back to physical and emotional health.


3. The Castle of Ibiza

On the historic end, there is the Castle of Ibiza.  Again, this one is a bit of a walk, but this ancient town is perfectly preserved and offers some real insight into the people who have lived on this island for centuries.  At a tourist booth at the base, you can get a map that serves as a guide through the ramparts, which are otherwise kinda maze-like.  A must-see is the cathedral, which offers a lovely view of both the new and old towns.  Outside the really old historical district, tons of shops and restaurants pepper the newer township.  You could very easily spend an entire day in the castle and the surrounding area.



Ibiza, Spain features an array of culture, history, nature, and nightlife.  It’s definitely on my travel bucketlist, and I hope that I helped add it to yours!

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