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Style Icon: Corena Hasselle (’17)

Hi everyone!  This week I asked Corena Hasselle (’17) to be my style icon.  I’ve always admired her sense of style and her ability to combine different items of clothing in ways I never thought possible and make it look amazing!  I asked her some questions about how her style has evolved over time and what inspires her to put together such unique outfits.

Her Campus Rhodes (HCR): When did you feel yourself starting to develop a personal style as opposed to following trends or dressing how others wanted you to dress?

Corena Hasselle (CH): My junior year of high school.  I started dating this guy and he made me feel more comfortable being myself, so I started dressing in what I felt comfortable in and what made me feel good.  I stopped caring about what a lot of people thought in general, not just when it came to fashion but everything.

HCR: How has your style evolved since then?

CH: I think I’m a little bolder sometimes.  I’m even more comfortable now wearing whatever I want.  College does make that hard sometimes though when all you want to do is wear sweatpants.

HCR: Can you describe your style to me?

CH:  Thrift store chic.  I wear a lot of flower prints, but I also wear a lot of black in winter.  I like to wear knitted stuff like scarves and sweaters.


Dress – Urban Outfitters.

Scarf – Urban Outfitters.

Shoes – Aldo.


HCR: What/who are your style inspirations or icons?

CH: Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie are my main favorite stores, as well as some Tumblr influences.

HCR: What is your go-to outfit for if you’re running late and rushing out the door?

CH:  My velvet leggings and a Goodwill sweater.


Sweater – a thrift store.

Skirt – delia’s.

Shoes – Magnolia Market Place in Dyersburg, TN.


HCR: What are your must-have fashion items?

CH: Frilly socks in the springtime, lots of skirts and dresses, and Vans.

HCR: What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is trying to find their personal style?

CH: Don’t care what other people think!  Do and wear what you want, and you’ll be happier in general.  It kind of follows from there.


Shrit – Urban Outfitters.

Skirt – City Thrift.

Socks – American Apparel.

Shoes – Vans.

Jacket – City Thrift.


HCR: And finally, what is the worst fashion mistake you’ve made?

CH: In 5th grade I would wear really baggy t-shirts every day to class for an entire year.  I never wore anything else.


Thank you so much for being my style icon this week Corena!

Remember to always be cute, friends!

Hi! I'm Sarah Johnson, and I am the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Rhodes! I am a senior at Rhodes from Little Rock, AR. I am a Music major, I am a Research and Writing Fellow in the Curb Institute and I sing in the Women's Chorus. In my spare time I like to sleep, eat various snack foods, and watch beauty bloggers on YouTube. My main area of expertise is fashion. My personal style is definitely on the hip side of things, and my pattern of choice is stripes. Thirfting is my number one passion, and I hope to never pay full price for an item of clothing until I can actually afford it. I’ve recently noticed that I almost exclusively wear neutrals, which I am trying to remedy with the purchase of color, but it’s not working very well for me. I hope you all enjoy the articles I write and remember to always be cute!
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