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I absolutely am obsessed with my playlists. None of the ones I listen to are public - mostly because my feelings about each song are always changing and there’s no way to ensure that each person that listens to the playlist is listening to a version that I think is the most perfect. I hope that makes sense because I don’t really know any other way to explain it. Anyways, I thought I would share 20 songs (and maybe some extra ones in the end) that I've been playing on repeat for ages. In other words, a lot of these songs aren’t “new”. So, enjoy!

Moviéndolo - Pitbull & El Micha || Échame La Culpa - Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato

Most of the songs from my Latinx playlist get me moving and I usually can never get these songs out of my head. Play them if you’re in a good, danc-y mood!

Agu - Phyno || Bobo - Mayorkun & Davido

We stay dancing, but this time, with Afrobeat! I’m Nigerian so Afrobeat flows in my blood. Play these songs for something to groove to!

    Don’t Waste My Time - Usher & Ella Mai || Straight Up and Down - Bruno Mars

    One of these songs is fast and the other is slower (looking at the artists, you have no clues either haha) but somehow, I feel like they belong in the same point.

      Girls In The Hood - Megan Thee Stallion || QueldelaVie - DAMSO

      I enjoy very few rap songs for extended periods of time. But these two playing on earphones take me to a whole new level.

      Think About Things - Daði Freyr || MIC Drop - BTS & Steve Aoki

      These are Pop songs that I adore. I’m not an Army but oh wow the chorus of this song takes me places. And I’m sure by now you’ve heard Think About Things in one or two TikToks. 

      Feelings - Patoranking || Insecure - Sauti Sol

      These are slower Afrobeat songs with hip-rotating vibes to them...I think they’re the types of songs that demand that your significant other...or your imagination is present. I really like them too so be kind.

      Part Time Love - Jacob Banks || Awe - Aṣa

      If you need some songs to slow dance to or to watch the rain to, try these.

      Drinking Alone - Carrie Underwood || Hard to Forget - Sam Hunt

      I love country music - drop your complaints in the Bermuda Triangle. I love Sam Hunt too so enjoy these upbeat country songs that I absentmindedly sing a lot of the time.

      Put The Hurt On Me - Midland || Take Your Time - Sam Hunt

      If you want to slow your country down a little bit, try these. A friend had a Midland album playing in his car on my way to get my Social Security number (lol I know) and this song stuck with me from that day. And Sam Hunt again because why not?

      Fall For Anything - The Script || Thin White Lies - 5 Seconds of Summer

      I had a punk rock phase when I was 14 but hey...these songs are amazing.

      End of The Road - BoyzIIMen || You Are - Charlie Wilson

      I can’t recommend any list of songs without some classic RnB so here you are - two extra (bonus) songs if you will :)

      Let me know on Instagram (@fikemiaiye) if you liked any of these! 

      "Let yourself respond authentically to each moment as it arrives without being bound to the narrative of who you think you are."
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