Some of My Favorite Netflix Shows

Netflix has lots of shows and sometimes, it can become overwhelming deciding which show to choose next. Hopefully, this list of my favorite TV shows on Netflix helps you out. They are in no specific order: 

1. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

This show is perfect for the Halloween season and if you like all things spooky. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is about a young witch named Sabrina, who has to choose between her family of witches or her human friends. It is a thrilling show about personal growth. The characters find out who they want to be, but in a magical way. I definitely recommend this show because it never gets boring.  

2. Never Have I Ever 

Okay, I know it seems like it would be a weird show but bear with me. Devi and her two friends have to navigate their way around high school. Devi is determined to rank number one in her class and fall in love, which means that sometimes she has to rebel against her mother. I think that everyone will find this show hilarious because Devi and her friends never fail to make you laugh. 

3. How to Get Away with Murder 

I think that this is a show everyone is familiar with but may not have actually seen. If you are interested in law or just overall justice, this is a good show to watch. It is an interesting TV show focused on the relationship between a professor and her five students. I don’t want to say too much and end up giving it away, but obviously there is a lot of murder involved. So, if you like murder-mystery shows, then this is the one for you! 

4. Grand Army 

This is the most recent series I have watched. I binge-watched it all day Saturday and I don’t regret it. It shows a bunch of different students’ lives at a large public high school in Brooklyn. Each student has a different background and a different story, which makes it extremely interesting. I think it shows real-world relatable problems, but also has some jaw-dropping moments. It is very suspenseful as a high school-based TV show, but I think it is really great. The acting is amazing, and I felt like I had to keep watching because I was dying to know what would happen next. It is filled with drama, so if that is your favorite kind of show to watch, then you will love this show. 

5. BoJack Horseman 

I know this is a cartoon, but it is an adult one. It is filled with lots of philosophical hidden messages, which make it relatable even though it is a cartoon. It is about this celebrity horse, BoJack, who is figuring out his purpose in life. Sometimes it is filled with happy moments, other times sad, but each character in the show brings out so many different dynamics. If you don’t relate to BoJack specifically, there are plenty of other main characters, like Mr. Peanutbutter, Princess Carolyn, Diane, or Todd. If you don’t normally watch cartoons, which I usually don’t, I highly recommend giving this one a chance.

6. Élite 

This one is a Spanish language show, so if you don’t prefer to watch shows in other languages, that is okay, but I highly recommend giving this one a chance! This show is about a preppy high school in Spain, where three new scholarship students arrive. They have to survive this school, as there is a murder in the first episode, but you find out bits and pieces of it in each episode. It is a murder-mystery that reveals itself through the eyes of each student, which makes it all the more interesting to watch. 

7. The Politician 

A series starring Ben Platt shows the truth behind campaigning for an election. It is about a high schooler who is trying to win Student Body President, but he has to beat other strong opponents. He spends every day figuring out how to win the election and what is the secret behind getting the most votes. I like this show because it shows that when times get stressful, it is important to have a strong group of people behind you who always have your back. 

8. On My Block 

This is by far one of the funniest shows I have ever watched on Netflix. If you choose to watch any show on this list first, please make it this one. It shows the everyday lives of four inner-city Los Angeles students, who are faced with many challenging problems. I found the series to be quite emotional, but that is what makes it all the better. If you like humor and some sadness in a series, this show is a perfect combination of both. Each character has their own unique personality, which brings a special dynamic to the series.  

9. White Lines

If you prefer to watch more serious shows, with the main problem shown from the start, then this is the show for you. Zoe, the main character, travels to Ibiza to figure out how her brother Axel died. He has been dead for twenty years, but no one figured out why, so she made it her mission to figure it out herself. It is a great mystery-thriller-drama show that always keeps you on your toes. My friend recommended it to me first, and now I am happy to recommend it to you! 

10. Teenage Bounty Hunters

This show is also fairly new on Netflix and it is quite different than any show I have ever watched. It is based on these two twin sisters who are super religious, and find themselves in a situation where they accidentally become bounty hunters. But then, they decide that they actually like it, and that they need the money. It is filled with drama and there is a big surprise near the end that left me shook, so I really recommend it. It may seem a little weird in the first couple of episodes, but I promise it gets really good.