So My Sister Is Being Haunted by a Demon

At the age of three, when I was first introduced to my sister in her little nursery bed, I wasn’t filled with the overwhelming joy of being a big sister. Instead, I had the overwhelming feeling that she was about to introduce a great evil into my household. After all, she was born a whole month early because my mother could not contain the menace in her womb any longer. Unfortunately, I have never been able to convince my family of the evil that is my sister, but now, I know for sure that she is and has always been on the brink of possession. 

Last night, my sister called to tell me about her reoccurring “nightmare”--she wakes up in the middle of the night, completely aware of her surroundings, but she cannot move. Because I am so full of wisdom, I was quick to identify her problem as sleep paralysis. She was totally offended at this sentiment, for how dare I diagnose her with a condition that is easily self-diagnosable? 

Regardless of what she says, I am almost certain of my diagnosis, which is undeniably caused by the manifestation of the demonic spirit that surrounds her. Indeed, the legend--nay, the truth--says that in the vulnerability of switching from one phase of sleep to the next, a demon, sitting on one’s chest, can induce sleep paralysis to attempt to possess the soul at hand. The concensus here is that a demon has been following my sister around for her whole life, and now, because she is at the age of sixteen, a number that according to Guy Tarade is the number of Lucifer, she is most ripe for possession.

I promise you that what I have said is not coming out of some sibling rivalry or some childish, ill-conceived notion of who my sister is. I know my sister better than anyone else, and I only say these things to help her. I believe that somewhere deep down there is a good person, but she has been overshadowed by a satanic essence. So I write this not to slander my sister’s name but hopefully to reach someone, well-versed in the knowledge of exorcisms, who can help me help my sister discover her truest being. But then again, who knows? Maybe, her truest self is pure evil.