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Skinny your way through Jeans

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rhodes chapter.


If there is anyone who believes comfort is the best style out there, it’s Michael Lee Todd. A skilled drummer and a senior, Michael has been rocking converse sneakers since high school and skinny jeans since freshmen year at Rhodes College. Skinny jeans have been trendy since 1950’s and there is little doubt that everyone who wears them also loves the look skinny jeans provides them with. From celebrities to politicians, the trend has slowly reached all levels of American culture. Skinny jeans can be worn in so many ways and the best part about them is their surprising level of comfort. They are stretch-friendly and warm without looking frumpy. The combination of comfort plus style makes them a must have for pretty much anyone who has any inklings of modern style. They are all kinds of sexy and awesome people like Russell Brand, Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber (huff all you want, non-Belibers) strut in them all the time.

Senior Sam Dixon Bridger also enjoys wearing skinny jeans and flannel shirts as well. Occasionally, Michael Todd and Sam will meet up to give each other ultimate bro-fives for having awesome taste and style – and also for wearing the same matching shirt they bought at Target.