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Seen on Spring Break: Some Summer Inspiration

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rhodes chapter.

Spring Break may be over, but summer is a mere few months away—meaning it is prime shopping time for a fresh summer wardrobe (but, isn’t it always?)

Over my spring break in the Bahamas, I found myself shamelessly coveting styles I observed on the beach, at restaurants, walking around the island, etc. As I was stalking these fashion pieces via googling long, rambling, overly specific descriptions of items of clothing, I realized that people from all over the world come the Bahamas as a vacation spot, not just Americans…therefore, the range of styles I saw were from a diverse grouping of girls with one thing in common: great taste. So, you can’t really go wrong with these in my opinion.

Some of these styles I’d never seen before—some have been around for a while. Nevertheless, if you’re seeking some inspiration or craving some sartorial novelty, here are some of my favorite pieces I saw over Spring Break.

*WARNING: (for you compulsive online shoppers)… Links included :)

Chloe Wrap Bikini Top


I literally saw so many girls wearing this in a wide range of colors. My personal favorite? The yellow. Check out this style on L-Space!

Triangl Swimwear


Also saw a ton of girls wearing suits from Triangl. That’s right—Triangl. Like the shape. But without an “e.” #Trendy. These suits are made of neoprene, which is the material that wetsuits for scuba diving are made out of. Perfect for the beach!

Sam Edelman Sandals


Sam Edelman makes a wide variety of sandals, but they’re all cute, comfortable, and fabulous quality. Something else to check out are the Sam Edelman wedges!

Rebecca Minkoff Bags


From cross-body bags to clutches, hobos to totes…Rebecca Minkoff makes it all. On the pricy side, but these bags are high-quality and won’t disappoint.

Target Strappy Neon/Black Bikini Top


This bikini seems to be a hit—several girls were sporting this one over break. Target has definitely stepped it up over the past few years in junior fashion, but their swimsuits have always been pretty on par.

Free People Shift Dress


If you’re going for both comfort and style—which is clearly a win-win—check out Free People boho shift dresses. This one that I saw over spring break is a lacy mini-dress. Visit the Free People website for more comfortable dress options like this; also check out their rompers. Which leads me to…

The Long-Sleeved Romper


Francesca’s isn’t the only place to find a long-sleeved romper, but it is certainly one of them, and their prices are definitely reasonable. With these rompers, stay warm on chilly summer nights with long flowy sleeves—but this is compensated with some leg.

Tusk Necklace


Simple, yet an undeniable fashion statement. Make an otherwise plain outfit stand out with a long necklace adorned with a tusk made of silver, gold, Lucite, wood, etc. A great accessory!