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Runway to Rhodes: Valentine’s Day Vogue

It’s that time of year again. A fat baby is flying through the air shooting people in the rear end with poisoned arrows, cheesy chick flicks are in high viewing, and chocolate is a staple of every meal. February 14th marks the most commercialized holiday in existence and every year I succumb to my desires and send Hello Kitty valentines to every person I know.

There is one thing that Valentine’s Day is ideal for, and that’s fashion. It’s the only day of the year you can wear an ensemble that is predominantly red and pink, covered in hearts and has a matching teddy bear accessory (and not be gaped at like a complete circus freak). Okay, so that outfit may sound a little extreme, but regardless of your relationship status, it’s always fun to get a little dressed up. Hearts, flowers, rhinestones and glitter are all more than acceptable.

1. Motel Marsha Dress

If you are looking to send a message this Valentine’s day, this is the dress to do it in (;-0). It comes in a couple different prints, and paired with black leggings and heels, you’ll be showing just the right amount of skin.

2. Hear Act to Follow Cardigan

If you like to keep it casual this cardigan is for you. With heart details you will stay warm and while looking hot. The best part about it? This piece can definitely be rocked all year long.

3. Candy Run Dress

Keep it classy and cute in this vintage styled gingham dress. The sweetheart neck and tulle details are super flattering and can be paired with flats or heels.

4. Moulin Rouge Color Block Dress

The first thing I thought when I saw this dress was “interesting,” yet the more I looked at it the more I fell in love. If you wanna be the focus of wherever you end up on Valentine’s day this year, this is the dress to do it in.
Once you’ve got your V-day outfit in order, all you will need is some red lipstick and girlfriends to have a good time. Male accessory not required. 

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