Romance Movie Roundup


A classic of French cinema, Amélie recounts the story of an introverted girl who quietly orchestrates the lives of those around her in an attempt to make them happy. But what happens when she considers the workings of her own heart when she stumbles upon a like-minded young man?

Why we love it: The quirkiness of this film makes it unique among other romance movies.

The Decoy Bride

After a break-up with her fiancé, protagonist Katie returns to her hometown: a small, unheard of island off the coast of Scotland with no bachelors. A celebrity couple with a slew of party planners arrive to have their dream wedding in secret… but Katie must stand in for the bride when she goes missing.

Why we love it: Katie embodies the bitter woman all we #SingleLadies are on V-Day, and David Tennant is her equal in cynicism. True Love!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This is a new modern classic. Take the opportunity to watch or rewatch Lara Jean struggle with the ins and outs of teenage romance, all while teaching us about self-confidence, familial relationships, and honesty. 

Why we love it: Lara Jean and Peter’s is a believable romance; finding a teen romance that has all the thrills without losing believability is a rare thing indeed!

Man Up

When Nancy accidentally ends up on the wrong blind date, she decides to run with it and ends up meeting an amazing man. But how will he react when he discovers her fib?

Why we love it: Cheesy but not too cheesy, Man Up is a rom-com for the person who hates regular rom-coms.

Pride and Prejudice

What else? Though it will never match the mini-series or the book, the film adaptation serves up romance with a touch of satire – the best kind.

Why we love it: Let’s be real, Keira Knightley’s Lizzie Bennet is the queen of sass.