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Rhodes College Do’s and Don’ts: Woodstock

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rhodes chapter.

This Friday September 9th the Phi chapter of Kappa Sigma is hosting their annual Woodstock Party at their house on campus.

The infamous Woodstock Music & Art Fair of 1969 was a once in a lifetime experience celebrating “3 Days of Peace & Music” held in the New York countryside. This rock n’ roll music festival is most notable for legendary music performances by Jimi Hendrix, Santana, The Who, etc. and for the unforgettable fashions that still influence present-day trends.

We composed a list that will help with creating a ~groovy~ look for the evening:

Do Tie-Dye: this colorful clothing completely embodies the 60s.  Better start dying now so your pieces will dry in time for Friday!

Do Fringe and Feathers: send off good vibes with fringe jackets, vests, or skirts.  Wear some feathered jewelry too.

Don’t do Bare Feet: more often than not music lovers ditched their shoes, but open toes are not advisable this Friday.  You wouldn’t want to hurt your feet on the dance floor.

Do Bell Bottoms: the perfect pant for this party. Don’t have bell bottoms? Wear a top with bell sleeves instead.

Do Midriff Tops: even though its September, a crop top is still weather appropriate on these hot nights. Bonus points for a crochet midriff.

Don’t Flower Crowns: the time for flower crowns has come and gone. Instead of a floral arrangement, sport a more authentic headscarf or hat truer to the time era.

Do Channel Celebs: pay homage to female rockers like Janis Joplin with round tinted shades or Stevie Nicks with flowy shirts and shawls.

Do Artsy Face Paint OR Minimal Makeup: both were popular at the music festival of the century.  Look up tutorials on YouTube for inspiration for eye makeup with dots and swirls or keep it simple by going natural. 

Definitely Don’t Full Nudity: not an option.

That completes our list.  Have a radical time this Friday! If you have suggestions for a future Do’s and Don’ts list email us at: nathalievacheron@hercampus.com


*And as always abide by the Rhodes’ social and alcohol policy by being legal, responsible, healthy, and reflective of Rhodes community values.

Source: http://www.woodstock.com/about/ 

Emma Brislin MacCurdy is a senior writer at Rhodes College. She is graduating in the Spring with a bachelor's degree in Commerce and Business. Email with any questions, comments, or suggestions: maceb-17@rhodes.edu.
Hi! I'm Nathalie Vacheron, a senior at Rhodes hailing from Germantown, Tennessee. I love to write, I love to edit, and I'm in love with the voice Her Campus gives to women across college campuses. In addition to Her Campus, I'm involved in my sorority, Tri Delta, work in the Counseling/Health Center, am a First Year mentor, and love to run when I can. I'm a Business & Commerce major concentrating in management with a minor in Psychology. I hope to go into health administration, community health, or work for a non-profit (and write a book somewhere in-between...) xoxo