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Questions Which SHOULD Have Been Asked at the Debate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rhodes chapter.

We all watched the MMA fight disguised as a public forum debate this past Sunday. No punches were pulled, with both the Hillz and the Trumper going hard on offense. Say what you will about who won, since, depending on your view, you’re bound to have seen the debate in a completely different light from someone else on the street (I’m still Team Shoot-Them-With-Water-Guns-When-They-Interrupt-Or-Talk-Too-Long). But, without a doubt, there were some questions that were just not asked that the American people need to know. So I decided to write down some future debate questions so next time, my man Cooper can really ask the hard hitting questions. Be warned, some of these are jokes, but some are dead serious.


1. Do you identify as a feminist?

Feminism is such a hot topic these days, and female voters in general are so pivotal in this race. By hearing why a candidate does or does not call themselves a feminist, we get a feel not only of their views towards women, but also towards men, a number of whom would leave a candidate who was a proclaimed feminist. I also think it would be an enjoyable thing to watch them justify. So yes, ask this question.


2. What is the worst thing about America?

Okay, so this is a depressing question that no one wants to answer. But politicians thrive on nationalism, to the point where they tell us that America is the best of all the places ever. And, well, all you have to do is watch this video to know that just isn’t true. This question is especially fitting for the Donald, who wants to make America great “again,” meaning that it’s not so great now.


3. Coke or Pepsi?

Age old question. With a very obvious answer. Should still be asked.


4. What do you think you would be good at AND BAD AT in the office of president?

Rules of job interviews apply (working too hard is not a weakness, Hillary). But time to get humble. Being president is hard as hell, and actually kinda sucks. What would be the worst part about it? This may also demonstrate how much they actually know about their potential future role.


5. Where could someone get the best hamburger in America?

Both candidates have drawn criticism because they just aren’t relatable. What IS relatable? Junk food. Will they go NYC hole-in-the-wall or old school American chain? Will it be more or less than $15? The real questions.


6. If you could have dinner with one American figure, dead or alive, who would it be?

Ah yes, college application essay questions. Bring it on. Both of these candidates are extremely educated, so they should be able to pull out some quality references with this question.


7. If you could offer one piece of life advice, what would it be?

Again, both candidates are successful people (calm down, extreme partisans). We have a lot we can learn from these people. Will we get cliches? Almost definitely. But it’s their choice in cliche that matters.


8. Aside from your significant other, who is your best friend and why?

This goes back to being relatable. I highly doubt Mr. Trump would say Mike Pence or Chris Christie or Ms. Clinton would say Tim Kaine or Elizabeth Warren. Giving us more insight into their personal lives and letting them talk about a person they genuinely love would give both candidates a chance to show Americans their more sentimental side.


9. Compared to past presidential candidates, both of you are extremely unpopular. Do you really think we should have a president so unliked by Americans? Why should it be you?

Shots fired, guys. But seriously, both of these candidates have insanely low approval ratings. So what about them is so great that we should overlook the fact that a quarter of the country hates both of them?


10. Besides yourself, your running mate, and past presidental candidates, who should be president of the United States?

Honestly, I kinda just want to know.


Have any suggestions for more questions? Share them with Her Campus and I will personally write CNN on your behalf (lol no I won’t).

Photo credit to Albertville, MN and CNN

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