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Quarantine Cuts: 8 Tips On How To Cut Your Own Hair

I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m no hairstylist, but I have been cutting my hair for years - long before quarantine - and I have learned a few lessons about how to do it along the way.

Whether quarantine has prevented you from getting your hair cut or you’re just looking for a little impulsive change, here are some tips on how to cut your hair at home:

Always use hair cutting scissors!

Don’t try to use regular kitchen scissors on your hair. They will leave you with split ends and a bad haircut. Proper scissors can be as little as $10 and can be purchased pretty much anywhere.

Prepare your tools!

Now that you have your scissors, you’ll need some other tools as well. Always have a fine-tooth comb so that there are no knots in your hair, and you can be precise with your cutting. Also, be prepared with a broom or vacuum: haircutting is not a clean activity.

Wet or dry?

If you have curly/wavy hair, I recommended that you cut your hair dry. When your hair is wet, it looks longer than it is, and you risk cutting off more hair than you wanted to. It matters less on straight hair, so do whatever you feel most comfortable doing.

Always brush your hair!

If there are knots in your hair when you cut it, it is impossible to get an even cut. Always comb out your hair before cutting it!

Section your hair!

Make sure to part your hair how you normally wear it. Then section off the bottom of your hair to begin with so that you have a manageable amount of hair to cut.

Cut slowly!

You don’t want to accidentally cut off too much hair, so make sure to cut in small amounts and maintain evenness around your head.

Don't be afraid to give yourself layers!

Layers may seem scary, but there are tons of ways to do it. I typically use my comb to pull a very small section of hair away from my face and then cut at an angle.

Bottom line: have fun!!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if your haircut looks perfect, as long as you had fun doing it. Cutting your hair gives you the freedom to do whatever you want and lets you mix things up while you’re stuck inside.

Cutting your hair is a great way to express yourself and change things up. We're all stuck inside right now, so why not have a little fun?

Merrill Fitts is a first-year at Rhodes college. She is originally from Alabama and is a big fan of The Price is Right, Queer media, and the cut out of Nicolas Cage's face on her wall.
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