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My Marginally Sarcastic Take on Valentine’s Day (Pt. II)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rhodes chapter.

Well, this is it guys. It’s that time of the year—the time February 14 rolls around—and we all know what that means. On this day in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell applies for a patent for the telephone, without which the famous Canadian rapper Drake would have had no inspiration for his pensive hit “Hotline Bling” a mere 146 years later.  

No, no, this hook is unoriginal. This is similar to how I started off my Valentine’s Day article in 2015 (http://www.hercampus.com/school/rhodes/top-romance-movies-kind) (#shamelessplug) except I recognized February 14 as the day Oregon became the 33rd state to be admitted into the United States, which hence created a 98,466 square mile space for people to start growing their own coffee beans, go rock climbing, grow man buns, and other granola things like that. So, that was sort of a big deal too.

But we’re still dancing around what February 14 really is—Valentine’s Day, aka, the day I always eat an inordinate amount of chocolate and consequently hate myself. And I don’t mean chocolate that was gifted to me in pretty gold tin foil with a bouquet of roses; I mean the chocolate in the candy bowl where I work. So actually, I participate in that activity every day.

But Valentine’s Day…Valentine’s Day is sort of gross. It gives all the famous Insta couples a chance to show the world how cute they are, and I already have to see how cute they are every time I tap the “Explore” button, so do we really have to enable them further? It also gives the non-famous Insta couples a chance to do this, and while this is a little more bearable if I know you personally, it’s still kinda like…ugh…stop being so cute!!! But like gross!!!! But like cute!!! But gross! Sure, I’ve cried in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants before, but I’m not a super mushy gushy person. And sometimes, Valentine’s Day is just TM (TM is slang for “too much”—in case you didn’t know).

Recently at a restaurant, a waiter divulged way too much of his personal life to me (why does this always happen to me?) and he ended up asking my advice on what he should do for/with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. So far, the schedule included a couple’s massage in the morning, brunch at a very ~joie de vivre~ trendy establishment, an afternoon of something I can’t even remember and don’t want to remember, and an evening on a rooftop terrace watching the sunset. Truly, I was dumbfounded. Because 1) Sign me up for the couple’s massage, I will willingly and eagerly go by myself, I just want a massage 2) Also the brunch, I would like to attend the brunch, I love breakfast food 3) WHAT MORE COULD YOU FIT INTO THAT DAY? U are asking me for my advice on what to add to that? Honey, I don’t think there’s anything more you can add to that—but I admire your ambition.

It’s always nice to do something, well, nice, on Valentine’s Day for or with your S.O., but every couple is unique. Everyone has their own individual, fun relationship, and I respect however they want to celebrate V-Day. But I honestly just believe the most important thing for a couple on Valentine’s Day is to just spend some quality time together. Okay, I’m done, that was my one and only sappy line in this article, but it’s what I believe and I don’t think Valentine’s Day should bring any kind of pressure to a relationship to do something exorbitant for the sake of competing with Insta-famous Sally and Joe’s ski trip to the Alps and hot-tub champagne party, or simply for the sake of living up to the reputation pop culture has built for this one, singular day of a 365-day year.

How about we just treat each other kindly? And not just one day of the year, but every day of the year? (Clearly, I lied about only having one sappy line in this article).

But seriously. And if you’re not dating someone, I think the same principle applies. Hang out with your friends, watch your favorite TV show, get Pho Binh takeout, treat yo self. Get your nails done. Go on a run if you’re into that masochistic exercise stuff. Read a good book. Self-love truly is the best medication.

If you want to make it a big day, go for it. I promise I won’t judge you, even if I’ve already made it seem like I would ;). If you want a quieter chiller day, go for that too. Just don’t let the socially constructed idea of the day dictate what your day should be, and just remember—quality time is the most important facet, and on February 14, 1912, Arizona became the 48th state to be admitted into the United States. Go Wildcats.

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