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Move over Vineyard Vines, Chubbies are here

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rhodes chapter.

Summer in Tennessee is no cooling matter. Fortunately, girls can create a wide assortment of things to wear on a daily basis. Although it may not seem like boys can do the same, they luckily are no longer just limited to khaki shorts (an essential part of a bro’s style in every frat) or cargo shorts. Chubbies are quickly becoming commercial and a large part of trendy attire sported by male college students all across frat nation. It’s soon to be summer, and there is no room for pants, cargos, or capris. Shorts are the way to go, and Chubbies succeed when it comes to meeting the highest standards for shorts perfection.

Simply put, chubbies provide everything a girl will feel while wearing her breezy short shorts – for a man. Chubbies are every boy’s freedom, his spring break in Destin, his catwalk across the runway, his swag and style– typically everything that is NOT a jort. Fellows, gentlemen, frat boys – let your thighs out. It’s that time of the year to show a little extra skin.


3 Awesome facts about Chubbies:


  1. Have you ever tried running with pants on? YOU CAN’T. All that material that’s pulling you back prevents you from getting to a class you were supposed to be at 5 minutes ago. Chubbies are practically like wearing nothing, thus making you at least 4.2x faster. You can’t argue with sports here. We all know why those shorts cross-country runners wear are so high up.


  1. Wearing Chubbies is like walking a 5-pound dog in a park. The result? You will get flocked by massive groups of chicks. You may need to back up your iPhone to get all those numbers.


  1. Chubbies tan. Chicks dig it.