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Michael Bublé Christmas: An Album for All Your Christmas Carol Needs

     It’s almost that time of year ladies: time to hang your stockings and mistletoe, make some hot chocolate, and cuddle up by the fire listening to your favorite Christmas carols on repeat. Now, everyone has their favorite Christmas album, but let me tell you, Michael Bublé’s Christmas album really does my favorite songs like no other. His album contains my all-time favorite Christmas carols and of the fifteen songs on this epic album, five are collaborations. Here are my favorite songs from the album for my Christmas moods.

“Holly Jolly Christmas”

Made famous by Burl Ives in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, this song reminds me of my childhood happiness. Honestly, it makes me wanna get up and dance. Michael Bublé provides a different voice to the song, but still allows it to ring true to Burl Ives’ version. A true Christmas carol, this song puts a smile on my face every time. 

“I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

As for many of you, the last time I was home was summer, possibly longer. College is a time to branch out and spread our wings. It’s a time to create a life for ourselves living away from our families, but the holidays symbolize a time to return to our loved ones. This song captures the melancholic feeling associated with Christmas nearing as we are all cramming for those final exams in the library and patiently awaiting our return home. 

“Silver Bells (feat. Naturally 7)”

The intro of this song begins as an acapella version of the classic “Silver Bells,” but with a collaboration with Naturally 7 the cover of this carol gives me chills. The merging of the voices gives the song depth. Every time this song plays I see New York City with the beautiful Christmas lights illuminating every street corner and shop as a light snow falls from the sky, the sidewalks bustling with people headed home from their shopping, the effervescent feeling of joy filling the air. 

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

Reid Brown

Rhodes '22

I'm from Vermont which means I can talk about snow, maple syrup, and how great Canada is all day:)
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