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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rhodes chapter.
  1. Accessorizing with earrings is my favorite part after picking an outfit. When I decide to go simple with a solid sweater and pair of jeans, one thing I’ve learned is to match this basic fit with a statement earring. It will make the outfit look a little more put together without it seeming like you put in too much effort. 
  2. This is an earring tip for my brunette babes: tortoise brown earrings are IN right now and are so freaking cute. But for gals like us with dark hair, it’s hard to show them off. The dark brown accents of the earrings blend in with our hair so one solution that I recommend is to pull your hair in either a low tight bun or a high pony. This will allow your earrings to be seen and will also complement them at the same time. Complete the look with lighter, earth-tone clothing pieces like white or beige and you’re all set.
  3. Consistency is key ladies! Ever since I was young, I’ve always been told to make sure the color of your jewelry remains the same so your outfit looks better put together. Whether it’d be wearing a pair of earrings with a necklace or your watch matching with the buckles on your boots, I promise that consistency in jewelry pieces will help to elevate your outfit and give it that sort of edge that it may need. 
  4. BELTS! Overlooked in fashion but necessary in any wardrobe. One tip that I have learned over the years is that belts can often bring together an entire outfit. A little fleck of gold from the buckle or animal print can elevate the whole outfit for the better!
  5. For the girls who have belts that are way too big for them but too cute to throw out, one tip that I’ve learned is to make your own tightening holes! Grab a thumbtack and poke a hole to wear you think will fit you best. When you’re left with that annoying extra material at the end, line up the last hole with the point where that hole covers the part of the belt that’s around your waist and poke another hole. Make belt as tight as it goes, grab a bobby pin, and pin it through that last hole and the belt and that extra material will stay in place! 
Hello beautiful ladies! My name is Kare, like Karebear, and I am so excited to share my tips and tricks with you!