The Hub: One of Memphis's Secret Gems

I think we can all collectively agree that living on campus is rough. Not only are you constantly in a cesspool of germs, but you're surrounded by the same people, all day every day. I know that when I stay on campus for too long, I start to forget about the outside world, as much as I hate to admit it. It's important to break out of the Collegiatte Gothic confines of Rhodes's campus and remember that there's a whole city out there, with people that aren't constantly playing a game of badminton where strep throat is the shuttle. 

Whenever I need a place to be alone and reflect, or just catch up with a friend, I love finding a cozy coffee shop to set up camp in. There's something about an ambient environment, soft music, and a warm drink that recharge my batteries in the best way. Maybe it's because I'm still relatively "new" to Memphis, but it feels like there's always a new coffee shop to explore. I'm constantly looking for new spots to add to my list, and today, after a little exploring, I found what could be one of my new favorites. 

The drive from campus to The Hub could very easily be just as pleasant as your visit. Not only do you drive through neighborhoods that have some of the most beautiful houses in Memphis, but the greenery that lines the twists and turns make the ride all the more scenic. The beautiful drive almost threw me off, because I was smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood as my GPS alerted me I was eight hundred feet away from my destination. I was almost certain I was lost, but quickly realized I was where I was supposed to be when I caught view of their signange in the distance. 

The Hub shares space with Highpoint Church, and definitely earns an A plus on ambiance. Adorned with rustic furniture, soft instrumental music, and a beautiful mural of Beale street on the wall, I immediately felt welcomed. In more or less words, this is where your aesthetically pleasing Instagram coffee shop post dreams are made, people. 

The coffee doesn't disappoint, either. Although they frequently change out their roasts, on my visit their featured roaster was Louisville-based Sunergos Coffee. I had an iced lavender latte, which was just the right balance of bitter with a hit of sweetness from the lavender. 

Although the environment and beverages were top-knotch, perhaps the main highlight of my visit was the bathrooms. I originally heard about The Hub through my roommate, who regularly frequents coffee shops as well and passes along her recommendations. Her main selling point of The Hub? "The bathrooms are pristine!" she exclaimed to me "They have dry shampoo and bobby pins on a platter!" And boy oh boy, she wasn't lying. Not only are the bathrooms bright, fresh, and clean, but they've also got all your freshening up needs covered. 

Although I'd just washed my hair the morning before, I of course had to use the dry shampoo. And although I didn't have any stains on my clothes to speak of, I still found a tiny speck on my blouse to use the Tide stick on, because when in Rome, am I right? In my book, one of the best philosophies a person can follow is if it's free, take it. 

Even if you aren't a coffee person, I still recommend The Hub as an excellent study spot. Not only is is comfy and relaxing, but the majority of the music they play is instrumental, which means no getting distracted and singing along to the lyrics. They also have a menu that's diverse enough to satisfy a wide range of pallets; I didn't get a chance to try any of their smoothies, but I heard they are superb. 

On their website, The Hub is self-proclaimed to be "the living room of Memphis". So far, they're doing a great job of achieving that title, one complimentary toiletry item at a time.