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How Using DivaCup Changed the Period Game

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rhodes chapter.

When I first opened this semester’s Her Campus Survival Kit and found a DivaCup, I was excited but also very skeptical. Since my first menstrual cycle I had always used tampons and the occasional pad. My friends have raved about how menstrual cups changed the game and I should give it a shot, especially since I’m so active. But to be totally transparent, I was in no hurry to change my ways until the Her Campus Survival Kit provided me with the DivaCup. So I decided to give it an honest try during my last menstrual cycle and keep a log of how I felt each day.

Day 1: 

The first day I was so nervous and the amount of self-hyping up I did was absurd. I almost backed down and just went back to my old familiar ways. The package came with detailed instructions on insertion and how to ease the process. The idea of inserting the menstrual cup was much more intimidating than the actual practice and once I got over the mental barrier it was so much easier. I wore a panty liner just to be safe and out of fear of leakage, but overall, after day one I was a fan. 

Day 2: 

    Starting day two, I was much more comfortable. My flow was much heavier, but I did not have to change to cup for the entire day. The insertion and removal process was much easier and faster. I was already loving my decision to give the DivaCup a chance. 

Day 3:

    I was gonna have a long car ride so I had more concerns. I was becoming more comfortable, but a couple of hours in the car was nerve-wracking because I did not want leakage. I once again wore a panty liner just in case and overall I had little problems. My only struggle was the cup was a little uncomfortable after sitting for hours. The DivaCup does include instructions in cutting the stem, which most likely would have provided me more comfort. 

Day 4: 

    Another day with lots of sitting and moving around as I traveled on a plane all day. Overall, I had no problems and the DivaCup was perfect. I trimmed the stem and the cup was more comfortable. As it was later in my cycle, my flow was heavier. I opted to empty the cup earlier than I had previous days, but still waited much longer than I would with tampons. 

Day 5: 

    On day five, I worked out using the DivaCup. I would say this is where I saw some of the best changes. I went for a run and unlike with tampons, the menstrual cup felt secure and I was not concerned about leakage. As someone who loves to exercise, this was a critical difference in the DivaCup. 

Day 6 and Day 7: 

    My flow lightened on these days and I reached the end of my cycle. Day six was easy and comfortable. On day seven, as my flow was very light, the DivaCup was not as needed or comfortable to use. By the end of day seven, I opted to change to tampons because my flow was not heavy enough and the DivaCup was not necessary. 

Overall Opinion:

    I highly recommend the DivaCup. As everyone had told me, it definitely changed the period game forever. The most challenging aspect for me was insertion. I become more comfortable over time, but I still struggle a bit: it takes a close understanding of your body. My advice is to take a deep breath and be comfortable. Take time and don’t rush it. Don’t forget practice makes perfect. As an athlete, I enjoyed the comfort when exercising and knowing I wouldn’t have any leakage. I loved DivaCup and highly recommend it to every girl out there!!

Reid Brown

Rhodes '22

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