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Finals Procrastination Playlist

It’s me again, here to give you some A+ song recommendations to help distract you from your finals *cough* I mean, help you focus and study your little heart out!!!

1. Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN.

I mean, duh.  If you haven’t listened to this album yet, you may as well do it now to distract yourself from studying.  Faves include: LOVE., DNA., and HUMBLE.

2. Harry Styles’ Sign of the Times

Honestly, Harry Styles is a perfect man.  This song is just ambient enough for me to play in the background for like 30 seconds before I realize its Harry Styles and then jam out embarrassingly for the next four and a half minutes.

3. Khalid’s Young Dumb & Broke

I just discovered this guy a couple days ago and I don’t know much about his music, but what I’ve heard is super chill and nice to play in the background while paper writing or studying!

4. Hippo Campus’s Landscape

This band makes me feel cooler and more hip than I am, and that’s necessary when finals come around.  Faves include: Monsoon, Vines, Buttercup.

5. Toro y Moi’s Omaha

Any new music from Chaz Bundick is amazing, and this song is super chill and makes me wish I was out in the sunshine instead of slaving away in the Middle Ground. 

6. The Bee Gee’s More Than a Woman

For some reason I always find myself listening to disco during finals.  Last year it was ABBA, this year it’s this one song from Saturday Night Fever.  Shout out to my African American music class for introducing me to better music than this, but also this.

7. Lorde’s Homemade Dynamite playlist on Spotify

This playlist is flawless and reminds me constantly of why Ella is the coolest person ever and my life inspiration.  Faves include: Sigrid’s Don’t Kill My Vibe, Bleacher’s Hate That You Know Me, Bon Iver’s 45, Future’s Mask Off.


Good luck with finals, and have a great summer everyone!

Hi! I'm Sarah Johnson, and I am the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Rhodes! I am a senior at Rhodes from Little Rock, AR. I am a Music major, I am a Research and Writing Fellow in the Curb Institute and I sing in the Women's Chorus. In my spare time I like to sleep, eat various snack foods, and watch beauty bloggers on YouTube. My main area of expertise is fashion. My personal style is definitely on the hip side of things, and my pattern of choice is stripes. Thirfting is my number one passion, and I hope to never pay full price for an item of clothing until I can actually afford it. I’ve recently noticed that I almost exclusively wear neutrals, which I am trying to remedy with the purchase of color, but it’s not working very well for me. I hope you all enjoy the articles I write and remember to always be cute!
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