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Easy Halloween Costumes (But Not Those Generic Ones)

Ever play the game “how many angels, demons, cats, and bunnies can we spot” on Halloween? These easy costumes have become the go-to for women across the nation. Ladies – let’s step up our game. Below is a list of fun, creative costumes that are still easy to make! Fly solo or grab a friend to do a BFF costume!


Costumes for One 


A Sim (or two!)

The easiest costume ever. Where whatever clothes you like with a green diamond made of construction paper attached to headband. Click here for a tutorial on how to make one.


Boo from Monsters, Inc.

Pink shirt, purple leggings, pigtails, and you’re set! Plus you’re basically wearing pajamas as a costume, which is a huge bonus.


The Morton Salt Girl 

All you need for this cute look is an umbrella, a yellow dress and shoes, and white tights! And if it rains, you won’t get wet (fashionable and functional? Yes, please). Having an actual jar of Morton Salt and a blonde bob is preferable, but not required for the reference to land. 



Snow White

Have a yellow dress but not into the Morton Salt Girl? Throw a blue top or cardigan over it, add a red lip, and carry around an apple to be Snow White! A red headband, pumps, and belt are great additions to really class up the costume.


A Scarecrow  

The makeup for this costume really makes it non-generic. Go glam, or go gory; it’s up to you! After the makeup, grab your favorite flannel and some jeans or overalls to complete the look. 


Costumes for Two 

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet

Another pajama-like costume for the win. To create the Piglet look, wear a pink shirt and leggings or tights. The Headband with construction paper ears is a huge plus, as would be pink shoes and the stripes on the shirt! For Pooh Bear, wear a red shirt and yellow leggings or tights. The Hunny pot is made of a trick-or-treat basket that has been painted blue with Hunny written in black paint. This costume is also easy to class up; simply change the shirts to dresses of the according colors!


Oreo (for you and your other half!)

Some white shirts and a bit of arts-and-crafts action are all you need for this cute friends costume. Make the cookie from cardboard cut into a circle that’s been painted brown with the appropriate design in a lighter shade. Wear it like a backpack with some white string!


Mike and Sully from Monsters, Inc. 

T-shirts and felt shapes make for a simple and cute costume for you and a friend. Add leggings in green and blue for extra pop (but mostly just to be warm and comfy, let’s be real). Bonus: find another friend to dress as Boo for a trio costume!


Mia Thermopolis and Lilly Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries

I saved the best for last, folks. Drag out the old school uniforms and the teasing comb to go as Mia Thermopolis pre-transformation and her best friend Lilly Moscovitz. Bonus points if you shove an ice cream cone in a bully’s face.

Eliza is the Assistant Editor for HerCampus Rhodes and is currently pursuing a degree in English Literature. Other than working for HC, Eliza also holds a leadership position in RUF. Ask her about sentence diagrams or Jane Austen to start a conversation.
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