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Dresses and Boots

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rhodes chapter.

Spring is here!

Temperatures are increasing each day, and students are showing off their dresses, skirts, and cute stockings. Soon enough, everyone will be breaking out into swim suits and trunks (holla at the Pike Beach Party – get pumped!). 

Similar Apparel:

Classy and Elegant: Personally, I’m a huge fan of dresses and boots apparel. Anything goes well with a black dress, but if you want to go for a sophisticated look, match it up with long brown leather boots and a brown belt! This is a style for you if you like short dresses and long boots. 


How to Wear Ankle Boots: Let’s admit it – long boots are hot (literally and figuratively). Once the heat of Memphis starts to come in, y’all are going to prefer shoes that are more cooling and sleek looking. Ankle boots are super cute with short skirts and tank tops; however, your ankles will be raw by the end of the day. Solution? Match your outfit with socks or stockings! It’s still a little chilly out, so boots (long or short) are perfectly appropriate for the next few weeks.