Campus Cuties: Pets

Meet Chicken Nugget! 

Owners: KK Slatten, Colleen Mullaney, Morgan Wilkins, Claire Carr

1.   What is your pet’s name? 

          Nugget: We were trying to think of something that all four of the roommates love and we came up with Chicken Nuggets.

2.   Age?

          10 months old

3.   What kind of breed?

          Domestic Short Hair Cat

4.   Favorite food or drink?

          She hates alcohol unfortunately, but she loves milk and will eat ANYTHING, including flowers and brussel sprouts and trash (and           brownies…somehow she doesn’t die).

5.   What’s her favorite thing to do?

          She likes to sleep, sit in really weird locations like shelves we have no idea how she gets on, sucks on our arms, and sit on our               laptops while we try to do homework.

6.   If Nugget could talk, what do you think she’d call y’all?

          We’d definitely be called bitch most often but she may exchange the word bitch for some other cuss words at times.

7.   Does she have any favorite toys?

          Coozies, hair ties, and tissue paper. (We bought her toys. She won’t play with them)

8.   What’s she really good at?

          She is great at breaking into tupperware containers and eating everything she can find. Her greatest accomplishment was                       capturing a live roach from KK’s closet. She’s our hero!

9. If Nugget was a movie character, who would she be?

          She’s Regina George.

           9(a). I have been personally victimized by our bitch ass cat. (Claire)

10. Does she have any friends… or enemies?

          She loves our landlord. She hates dogs of all kinds.

11. What’re some of Nugget’s weird quirks?

          She sucks on us, bites our toes, throws litter everywhere, stare into the air vents for hours on end, sit in sinks, and watch us poop.

12. What would be her dream vacay?

          A long day on the highest shelf/futon by herself with endless cheese and minimal annoyance by us.

13. If she had a job, what would she be?

          She would be the CEO of the company and would fire EVERYONE. She could also be a hiring manager that would never hire               anyone.

14. Does Nugget resemble anyone?

          She’s one of a kind bih.

15. What life lessons has Nugget taught y’all?

          Don’t trust anyone, always wear socks if you value the life of your toes, stealing food is ok if you’re cute