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Bracelets that make a (Charitable) Statement

With the trend of “arm candy” to accessorize, bracelets are the perfect way to finish off an outfit. And with spring just around the corner, we can finally show off our arm candy while sporting the latest spring trends. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with bracelets that not only make a statement, but also support a good cause or portray a positive message.  They serve as a constant reminder to stay positive or support a great cause and I’ve been collecting them for those reasons. Here are some companies whose products do just that!

Alex & Ani

Alex & Ani bracelets are the perfect fashion accessory. These gold or silver (depending on your personal preferences) bangles are handcrafted in America and have different charms you can choose from to represent you, whether it’s the Endless Knot, your favorite sports team, birthstone and etc. These Alex & Ani bracelets are infused with “Positive Energy” which is defined as the “positive energy in three important ways” which include, manufactured in America with positive intention, symbols used carry their own energy/carry special meanings and each piece is to empower the wearer/reflect the wearer’s unique qualities. These bracelets radiate positivity and the company uses this to form its corporate consciousness! Thank you for the fashionable bangles!

Chavez for Charity

Chavez for Charity is all about charity. This line was created to offer fashionable accessories while supporting charitable causes. Chavez for Charity encourages the concept of conversation, and how it’s important to facilitate conversation because it is a way in which people are united and how people learn about one another through their unique stories. Chavez for Charity donates a percentage of its profits to multiple charities and offers wearers simple yet beautiful pieces that you can flaunt. Some of the causes it supports includes: Fisher House Foundation, V-Day, Water.org, Whole Planet Foundation and more.

Pura Vida

Pura Vida bracelets are affordable and handmade in Costa Rica. “Pura Vida” or “pure life” is a phrase that encourages enjoyment of life, good fortune, never taking things for granted and in general, living life to the fullest. Each bracelet comes in various color combinations and there are so many bracelets to choose from, such as its charity bracelets line. With its Charity Collection line of bracelets, you can choose which charity you would like to support and buy the corresponding bracelet. Another great thing about these bracelets is that with every bracelet purchased, you are providing jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica.


I’m proud to be a supporter of the #livelokai movement. These bracelets tend to be a little steep in terms of price, especially for a simple jelly bracelet (retails for $18); however, the story behind the bracelet really drew me in and I love what the bracelet stands for. These jelly bracelets have one black bead and one white bead located right across from each other. The black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea and represents the lowest points of our lives. It encourages the wearer to stay hopeful during life’s lowest points. The white bead contains water from Mount Everest and represents the highest points of our lives. The white bead represents the highest points of our lives and reminds us to stay humble. Together, the bracelet is supposed to represent the cycles in our lives: there are ups and there are downs, but it’s important to find your balance and become centered along life’s journey. Oh, and not to mention, 10% of net profits are donated to different charities. This month you can buy its limited edition blue Lokai bracelets in celebration of World Water Day (March 22) and if you buy one, a percentage will be donated to charity: water (charity that provides clean drinking water for developing countries).  

The messages these bracelets serves as great reminders to be positive, stay humble, and be charitable. Which bracelets would you be proud to wear around?

Priscilla is a senior at Rhodes College, a liberal arts college located in Memphis, TN. She intends on majoring in Commerce & Business and minoring in International Studies. She currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief & Her Campus Rhodes Campus Correspondent. In addition to working on the Her Campus Rhodes team, Priscilla is a sister of the Delta Delta Delta sorority, Rhodes College Diplomat, Rhodes Activities Board representative, and a Rhodes Peer Assistant. She loves flowers, hiking, cooking, music, hanging out with friends and exploring good Memphis eats!
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