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Bangs: The Biggest Power Move

Let’s be honest, who doesn't love a new haircut and a new look? It’s like a fresh start every time you decide to switch something up. During quarantine, like almost everyone, I lived for watching people cut their own hair or try funky make-up looks, but I refused to let myself get to the point where I picked up the scissors and changed my own style. Yet, I watched in envy as everyone dyed, cut, and reinvented their look for when we could finally leave our houses. 

    Until last week, I had not given into my wish to get bangs. I had the cute little kid bangs for the majority of my childhood, but I had not quite convinced myself to try it again in my 20s. That was until Friday night. I decided to go full send and get bangs, with some professional help of course, and let me tell you, it was the best decision I have made in months. The second I saw my new look, I was in love. It completely reshaped my face and I immediately had a new sense of confidence. I felt and looked like a new person, which is exactly what I needed after months in quarantine and the same old thing. 

    Bangs really give you the opportunity to reinvent your look and try something new. And the best part? If you absolutely regret it, you can always pull them back and they will grow out! For me, my biggest concerns before making the big change: I will look like a child again because I had them throughout my youth, and also what will everyone else think? 

My afterthoughts: I do not look the same with bangs in my 20s as I did with bangs at 7 years old. They are fun and flirty now and really help me express myself. Literally, a change in look changed my outlook on everything. With this newfound confidence in my appearance, I feel newfound confidence in myself. In terms of my fear that my friends and family wouldn’t like it, I have not heard a bad comment yet. I believe it's partly because the look created a “new me”. 

So, to all of you who want to change up your look or are tired of the same old thing, I say go for it. Take your fear or judgment in change or the way you express yourself and say “screw it!” This your time to shine. Express yourself and your opinions however you want. You are amazing and beautiful. And bangs really are a power move!

Reid Brown

Rhodes '22

I'm from Vermont which means I can talk about snow, maple syrup, and how great Canada is all day:)
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