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5 Fall Fashion Trends to Try for Fashion Daredevils

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rhodes chapter.

Some of us are super excited for the plethora of fall fashions sure to come! Here are 5 fall trends directly from the runway that you might want to incorporate in your wardrobe this fall! Or simply some trends you can’t wait to revive this fall!


1.Power Of Red, according to Elle Magazine, Red is the color of Fall 2017!


2. Vintage inspired Furs, Don’t forget to stop by your local thrift store for these funky finds!  


3.  70s vibes ( well specifically plaid), We all know the thirst for plaid in the fall is very real




4. Retro Hats, so apparently beanies are completely played out! Here is something new to try (if You’re brave enough)

  5. Victorian Collars, instead of the usual simple turtle neck, try these looks