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31 Thoughts I Had While Watching HBO’s The Undoing

I’m always down for a new crime drama, especially when it involves Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. In light of the spookiest week of the year, I decided to sit down on Sunday night to enjoy the first episode in HBO’s latest chilling miniseries The Undoing. The plot focuses on a wealthy therapist in New York City as her life unravels when she discovers that her husband may be involved in a terrible series of events. If it sounds familiar, that’s because it’s already been made about five other times in the past two years, but that never stops me from eating every single moment up. Anyway, here’s some thoughts that I had during my first preview: 

  1. The credits! We open up with a beautiful song playing over scenes of a little girl, obviously meant to be Nicole Kidman’s character, Grace. It’s mostly made to look pretty; however, it shows flashes of death, and at one point (possibly very unintentionally) makes her look like a child bride. This does make me feel like it’s giving us clues about what happens? But, who knows at this point.
  2. I should have read the book.
  3. Her robe is to die for! (ha) I think it’s safe to assume that all of her clothes will be beautiful considering her pay grade. 
  4. They do make a pretty couple, but seeing Hugh Grant aging feels quite unsettling. 
  5. Ugh, I like them. Why does something bad have to happen? 
  6. Well, at least this doesn’t take place in a small town where nothing like this has ever happened before. 
  7. There’s something about a British man saying the word “brilliant.” 
  8. Grace tells her client that she struggles to see men for who they are, rather than who she wants them to be, and then we cut to a scene with Jonathan. Very interesting…
  9. Never mind! This red coat is to die for! Nix the robe. 
  10. Why do rich women in every single movie about class always have their tea circles to discuss their fundraisers? Are these real? Can I sit in on one? Who pays for this?
  11. Okay, “the outsider” is beautiful Elena. She’s also an artist, which gives me Little Fire Everywhere vibes. 
  12. Why do women who, apparently, buy so much art look down on female artists? 
  13. “It’s a crime not to be frantically busy in New York”
  14. But, actually, why did Elena wait on the bench outside of school every morning? Could she be waiting for someone (*cough cough* Jonathan)?
  15. The pre-Covid world was so disgusting. 
  16. Is Elena flirting with Grace? Is there something between them? Maybe this has nothing to do with Jonathan. 
  17. Hah! The elevator doors. 
  18. Jonathan’s sarcasm is what I needed today. 
  19. The dreams are weird, and obviously they’re telling us something. I really just do not have the mental capacity to figure out that something. 
  20. “Diversity,” she screams while standing in a room full of white people. 
  21. We get it! Grace is nice! Stop calling her nice! 
  22. Something tells me Jonathan isn’t crying about a patient…
  24. Okay, wait. How do Elena and Grace go to the same gym? The show has made it very clear that they live in different neighborhoods at different income levels. What’s the likelihood of this? Was that supposed to be weird? I’m overthinking this. 
  25. Yes, it’s always the husband, but whose husband?
  26. Why is Grace being so weird? Is this show not showing us everything? Okay, she seems likes an unreliable narrator (or, is that the person editing this)?
  27. $50,000 a year for a middle school. Thank you, next.
  28. I only feel bad for Miguel. 
  29. Maybe this has everything to do with Jonathan. 
  30. This woman should not keep secrets, but here she goes keeping secrets. Why do they always do this? She’s gonna try to solve the murder herself, isn’t she? 
  31. Well, at least he’s not a cheater. 
Isabel Rodriguez is a junior at Rhodes College studying English Literature and Studio Art. She has a weakness for Harry Styles, coffee, and shoes. When she's not writing, you can find her watching Law and Order: SVU or reading a book. Find her on Instagram at Isabel_Rodriguez_.
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