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10 Middle Ground Drinks, Sorted by Mood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rhodes chapter.

Ah, the Middle Ground. The heartbeat of campus, savior of research paper deadlines, and home of delicious beverages. We all love the Middle Ground, but the dilemma of what to get plagues us all. Let this list of MG drinks, sorted by the mood they go well with, help you out.

Iced coffee – On an average day, when you’re just in a typical mood

  • Unassuming but with broad appeal, an iced coffee is just right for a normal day. It’s a delicious pick for any non-occasion.


Salted caramel mocha frappuccino – When you’ve had a long or tough day and have a major sugar craving

  • There’s nothing quite like a sugar fix when you’re bummed out or just plain exhausted. You can count on this frappuccino to cheer you up…. seasonally.


Cappuccino – When you haven’t had enough sleep but you’re still in a good mood

  • You’re tired and need some caffeine, but things are more or less pretty good. A simple cappuccino is a great choice for when you’re wanting something more complex than straight coffee, but nothing too frilly.


Smoothie – When you want something fruity and you’re not too tired

  • There’s always that occasion when you feel more like a fruity flavor than coffee. So, as long as you’re not running purely on caffeine, why not switch it up?


Caramel Macchiato – When you need a caffeine boost while studying, or before class

  • This is everyone’s favorite stand-by for a group study session, or when you’re grabbing something to take to class with you. It’s just sweet enough and packs a serious punch of caffeine.


Iced chai – When you’re getting a drink with a friend to hang out on a Saturday

  • When you just want to chill and hang out, an iced chai is a great choice. It’s definitely one to enjoy over some good conversation.


Hot chocolate – When you’re about to call it a night & go to bed but you want something sweet / a drink for dessert

  •  We all have that moment: you’re going to bed soon, so you don’t want to hype yourself back up with any kind of coffee, but you’re craving something sweet. Hot chocolate is the logical (and so, so tasty) choice.


Espresso – Pulling an all-nighter and in need of caffeine to rescue you

  • You’re trying to stay awake and study, but you’re so exhausted. Time to break out the big guns.


White chocolate mocha – When you need a pick-me-up before your exam

  • Leave it to an exam to ruin your day before it even starts. It’s no miracle-worker, but switching your regular coffee for a white chocolate mocha is at least a delicious distraction.


Iced PSL – Feeling festive, but let’s be real here, we live in Memphis (it’s still been HOT out)

  • Fall has officially begun, and the famed Pumpkin Spice Latte has returned (as the internet has undoubtedly informed you). But September was filled with sweltering days here in Memphis, so it’s understandable that a hot drink wouldn’t appeal to someone who is just trying not to sweat. Still want on the PSL bandwagon? Get one iced.


It may not be a REAL Starbucks, but the Middle Ground is still pretty great. (Their hours are incredible, right?) It’s one spot on campus you’re unlikely to regret visiting (unless you hit that espresso too hard and start shaking – moderation, friends). All semester long, and especially around finals, the MG is basically responsible for keeping us functioning. Two thumbs up, Middle Ground. We thank you for your service… and your caffeine supply.