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13 Side Effects of Working at a Drugstore

I’ve been a part-time customer service associate at a chain convenience drugstore for almost eight months now, and I (mostly) love it. However, nobody ever warned me of the various side effects one may experience from working there. You may work at a drugstore if:

You have to stop yourself from greeting customers when you’re shopping at another store and remind yourself to get out of that customer service mentality.

That one song that always plays at work always plays in your mind, too.

You mentally prepare yourself for battle when you see something like this.

You are guilty of this.

This is the story of your life.

This is what you do when there’s nothing to do.

You daydream while you work and in your dreams you work.

This is your biggest pet peeve when you’re out shopping on your own.

Pretty much half of your paycheck goes back to your workplace due to all the cool stuff you find.

You make this face when your coworkers walk in.

You know how common shoplifting is.

You will always have a rivalry against your workplace’s business rival.

Finally, Friendly customers make your day and you make customers’ days, too!

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