What’s a Fortnite: Season 4 Release

If you pay attention to the video games at all or if you have friends who do, you may have heard about Fortnite. This popular battle royale style game pits you against ninety nine other players in a squad of four buddies, a duo with a friend, or just you. This game is accessible on Playstation, Xbox, and PC platforms. As of February, the game had 3.4 million concurrent players. Its quickly become an extremely popular pass time for many and has a sizable professional scene. If you haven’t played yet and are curious, here’s some fun news from Season 4 to get you hooked.

The Battle Pass Each season, Epic Games offers players the opportunity to purchase a Battle Pass. While the game is free to play, the Battle Pass costs about $10. It allows players to unlock lots of fun content to give your game a fun look. The Battle Pass gives players a series of weekly challenges, encouraging them to discover new locations, practice with different weapons, play with friends, and interact with fun Easter eggs placed in game by the developers. While the battle pass costs a little bit extra, I have found it very worthwhile. It enhances the game experience and encourages players to get better. It also allows you to unlock fun new skins that match the season’s theme.

Season 4 Theme This brings me to the second fun addition in season 4. Season 3, which ended a few weeks ago was outer space themed. Players could unlock spaceman suits and the map offered plenty of hints to the end of season meteor strike that totally changed the map. Game developers created a few locations, while editing or deleting several popular locations from Season 3. With the meteor strike came the start of Season 4 and a whole new theme: superheroes. That’s right, this season is superhero themed. I’m pretty jazzed about it. The game now includes lots of fun movie set and superhero themed locations, skins, and new modes.

New Modes

Fortnite always allows players the option of solo que, duos, and squads (four players), but game developers also release a new experimental or limited time mode for players to test out every week. This week, players have the option to play a modified version of solos: Infinity War. In this mode, players contend against each other...and Thanos. At the beginning of each match, a meteor lands, bringing with it the infinity gauntlet. A player can then pick up the gauntlet, transforming into Thanos. Thanos has way more health and shield than a normal player and is super powers instead of guns to fight with. When Thanos dies the gauntlet is up for grabs, transferring the power to a new player. This mode is seriously fun regardless of whether you’re playing as Thanos or trying to defeat him. Overall though, Fortnite does a great job of switching things up with these alternate game modes.

Updates Fortnite is still in early access, meaning the developers are constantly making updates and changes. While you expect this to be difficult to deal with, it’s actually super fun. Epic games has created a pretty fantastic product already and with the introduction of new weapons and content every week or so, the game stays fresh. The game developers have also done a great job of listening to players’ ideas, suggestions, and criticisms. Honestly, the amount of times I have complained about something small in the game and logged on the next day to see a patch that fixed that or included a really cool new item to balance the issue is kinda too numerous to count. Seriously, the game developers are actual superheroes. It’s clear that Epic Games is putting in lots of effort to continue making Fortnite a balanced game that’s also super fun filled and goofy. Conclusion: Fortnite is fun. Go play Fortnite.