A Weekend Without Any Make-Up

We all have those times where we look fantastic and feel great. Those moments make us feel more confident and outgoing.

Sometimes, however, these moments are masking a deeper insecurity that hasn’t been brought into the light yet.

That’s how it was with me.

Over this past weekend, March 24-26, I led a small group at a youth discipleship retreat for middle schoolers. The day I was leaving, I was looking over my lessons and one discussed how God cares about the heart and not the appearance. Later, I felt the Lord telling me not to bring my makeup to make the lesson more applicable to the girls I would lead. Funny thing is, God always has a sense of humor.

When I got to the event, there was a meeting for all small group leaders. All of them had makeup on and were dressed in nice clothing.

I felt vulnerable and insecure about the way I looked because I wasn’t able to hide behind my makeup.

As the weekend went on, I noticed that I didn’t think people would like me because of how I looked. It shocked me how much of an insecurity I had.

But it was a lie.

You see, in today’s culture it is so easy to believe that your worth and value is based on how you look. We believe the lies of “if you’re not pretty, you’re not valuable.” Or,” if you don’t look perfect, you’re not worth it.”

For me, I didn’t think my personality would be enough for other people to invest time in getting to know me. But how much of a lie is that? The only thing we have throughout our entire lives is our personality. Our looks fade as time goes on. And if God cares about our hearts more than our looks, why wouldn’t we do the same?

So here is to all the girls out there that are sometimes insecure about how they look. It’s okay to feel that way, but know you are not alone.

Know that you are beautiful, with or without makeup.

You’re beautiful because of who you are, before you’re beautiful with makeup.

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