Tips For Successfully Finishing The Semester

We're a little over halfway through the semester, and I bet you’re thinking about all the assignments you must get done before May arrives. It can be overwhelming! Well, I’m right there with you, so I have a few common (but helpful) tips to get us through the rest of the semester and into summer break.

  1. Go ahead and plan for all the assignments you have to get done.
    • It is best to have a planner or a board where you can write down your assignments and what day you plan on getting them done so that you don’t procrastinate and end up overly stressed and overwhelmed.
  2. Plan for breaks in between homework.
    • It can be easy to convince yourself that you are just going to blaze through all the homework you have to do. Although a good 1% of the student population may have that superhuman skill, some of us need to take a break before we become mentally burnt out. Therefore, the same way you planned a time for homework, plan your breaks also.
    • When it comes to breaks, do something that will completely take your mind off your homework. I know social media is one of our big things to lean on, but I have found it is not the best way of utilizing a break. Go out with friends for an hour, or have them over for an hour. Lay down, close your eyes with complete silence or listen to music, write, read, watch Netflix, create some art, spend time with the Lord or do whatever will relax you and take your mind away from homework for a while…then get back to it!
  3. Don’t be discouraged…stay motivated
    • Every college student has had that moment where they thought of giving up on college and just dropping out, or has at least dropped out mentally.  Remember why you’re in school and stay motivated. If you’re one of those blessed people that gets to graduate in May, then that’s motivation enough. But if you still have some time, remember that there is summer break and that you too will eventually graduate, therefore make those thousands of dollars count by giving your homework your all.
  4. Pray, Eat and Sleep
    • One of the most important things to do is making God the center of everything that you do, even as a student. Therefore, it is important that you pray every day and ask Him to be with you in everything that you do throughout the day. Pray about the homework whether you struggle with a subject or not, it makes getting through it much smoother.
    • Some of us can either be in the spectrum where we eat too much or we don’t eat at all. But either way,  you still need to eat to be physically strong for the day. Make sure to eat properly, but if that isn’t possible, at least eat in moderation because eating too much or not enough can cause you to feel tired.
    • Sleep! For the love of all things beautiful, sleep! It is completely ok to be a college student that sleeps, because it is a beautiful gift from God and God always gives good gifts. Make sure to get at least six hours of sleep and at the most, eight to nine hours. But remember, you’re a student, not a professional sleeper. That has not been turned into a real profession, so wake and study so you can at least be book smart for the career you really want.

I hope that this encourages you as you continue through this semester. As Effie Trinket says in "The Hunger Games," “May the odds be ever in your favor.” 

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