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These Trends Make The Perfect Fall Wardrobe

One of my favorite seasons is finally showing her face (yes, fall is a girl).  Fall is here! I mean, she goes by Autumn too, but I just say fall. Anyway, fall is official on Sept. 22, and as it pertains to fashion, that means cute jackets, scarves, sweaters, leggings and boots! I’ll tell anyone that my best clothes are the clothes that I wear during the fall. But since all the clothing items I just named will forever be classic fall clothing to wear, I thought it would be cool to see what the new colors and fashion trends are for fall 2017.

According to an article from cosmopolitan, fringe is supposed to be a fashion trend for the fall. I’m not sure I want to wear a fringe coat all fall and winter, but since the prediction is based on high fashion that doesn’t normally get worn on a regular day, we can just throw that out for everyday wear. But I do think that a fringe dress would be cute to wear to some holiday parties, so keep that trend for special occasions this fall.

Another fashion trend is moody floral patterns. Moody floral patterns are pretty much oranges, reds, browns, deep blues, purples and pinks. It’s a switch from spring’s bright and pastel shades to fall hues.

The last fall fashion trends that I care to mention is pale pink as a trending color for this fall season. I’m not usually a fan of pink, but I am loving the idea of wearing pale pink this fall. Aside from searching through fashion articles for the fall trends, I’ve noticed pale pink a lot in the stores whenever I go shopping.

Well, there you have it girls: a few “Marlena approved” 2017 fashion trends. Go out into the world and slay this fall!

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