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12 Comments and Questions Every Tall Girl Got at Least Once in Her Life

There is an average height most females grow to.  Some girls exceed it, while others fail to reach it.  On either side, there are plenty of jokes or comments that come around with not being the “average” height.  Being a little taller than some girls around me, I heard a lot of different comments (some which are a little rude), and get asked a few questions. 

Here are some of the ones I have heard:

1. “Wow, I don’t find many girls your height, how tall even are you?”

This is a given, but after hearing it 14,000 times you might begin to realize just how often you hear it.

2. “You seem tall, can you reach that item on the shelf.”

You might only be half a foot taller, but that still made the difference.

3. “Do you wear a really large shoe size?”

Huh? I don’t know why I have heard this one, but I have.

4. “Is that a shirt or a dress?”

It’s a dress, but I might be using it as a shirt…

5. “Those shorts are too short.”

They might not be too short, longer legs just add a weird illusion.

6. “Do you have a hard time finding a dress that fits?”

Sadly, if you’re fairly tall, you probably do. Just with the shorter dresses though, the long dresses made for heels fit perfectly.

7. “Do you wear high heels then?”

I can. I know I will have to duck under every door, but I can.

8. “So do you model?”

I’ll take this as a compliment

9. “I wish I was tall.”

Hhmm, you might want to think about that again.

10. “How’s the air up there?”

Fresher, much fresher.  I don’t know! I’m only about four inches above you!

11. “You’re about as tall as most guys.”

Thank you…?

12. “Do you have a hard time finding a boyfriend since you’re so tall?”

Yup, I really had that question asked to me.  And no, ma’am, there are plenty tall men in the world.

Anyways, despite what most people might say, being tall is actually awesome! Think about it, you never need to climb up on anything to reach the shelf, you have a longer stride so you can get where you need to go faster, and, you can lean on your shorter friends (only if they want you to that is).  So, walk with your head up, you are beautiful the way you are! 

I am a college student who loves to write, read, and explore new places and things.
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