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Outfit Hacks For Cold Mornings And Hot Afternoons

You know it’s fall when you throw on a cute dress before your 8am class, walk out the door, and immediately start shivering…only to find yourself melting in the afternoon. Thankfully, fashion doesn’t have to come at the cost of comfort, even with Virginia Beach’s notoriously weird weather. Here are a few outfit hacks that will keep you comfortable from morning to night:

Skirts and leggings.

This is one of the best ways I’ve found to stay warm on misty mornings (or in chilly library study rooms). Wear a skirt that looks good with or without leggings, and you’ll be able to take them off and store them in your bag during the hot part of the day.

Short sleeved shirts and cardigans.

Instead of wearing a bulky sweater for the entire day, try layering a blouse or t-shirt that looks good on its own with a a light sweater. You’ll be able to remove layers in the afternoon while still looking classy.

Adjustable Dress Shirts

Many dress shirt sleeves can either be rolled up J. Crew-style or with built-in buttons and fabric fasteners. It’s a great solution for class presentations or other occasions that require business wear!

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