The Most Disgusting Posts I’ve Seen All Week



I spend a decent amount of time on social media— between Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, I find myself relatively in the know about what goes on in the lives of those around me and in our society. This week, my Pinterest feed filled up with disgusting pins about rape culture. Why? I am not sure. Maybe because it is Women's History Month or maybe someone is building a case against men. Maybe it is because I needed a harsh reminder that this crap is still out there.




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This is just gross. There's a problem already with the fantasy of forcing sexual intercourse on another person. Fantasies do not arise from thin air. What taught men that objectifying women was an acceptable action to replicate? I don't care if it's a simulation or not. It's disgusting.



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Nope, nope, and nope. I also had to read the entire article since I don't trust Tumblr at all. Daryush Valizadeh, the founder of the anti-feminist group Return of Kings, did indeed write a post on his website suggesting rape should be legal so that victims could use it as a "learning experience,"  Vaglanos says in the article. He has since claimed that article to be satire, which seems less terrible (consider Johnathan Swift's genius satire "The Proposal"). Yet, because this "satire" was written by an anti-feminist, it is in really poor taste. Not the kind of satire I want to study in class, that's for sure. Another point to note is that the meetup was never to make plans for raping anybody. The first image only makes it appear that way because it's juicier.

 You can read the article here.



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The original tweet really got me upset but the retweet had me snapping. Talk about a clap back. Say it louder for the people in the back. Also, I fact-checked and it's all true.



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This made me grimace. I love the sass though.



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Can Asian woman stop being fetishized in general? They are an entire race of people. Please, pretty please stop it. Fetishizing little girls is a whole other area of concern. It's 2k19 and we still need to protect Asian women.



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This title offended me at first, leaving me with gross displeasure as I scrolled through my feed. However, upon reading the article, I realized it was not critiquing feminism as a whole but what has become of it. Hill mainly critiques the modern-day feminism in which women attack other women for how they choose to live their lives in their bodies. Hill takes the perspective of not teaching women to see themselves as victims of the patriarchy and instead teaching them to view themselves as people with brave souls. I don't necessarily disagree with this, but I do think it's outrageous to believe that women are not still objectified by men in many areas and that is embedded into the infrastructure of our society.



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And this douche-canoe who decided they wanted to assume things about the situation and somehow place the fault of almost being raped back onto the victim.



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The reactions in posts like these almost make me dizzy. I saw another post like this one wherein a girl is laying on a bench and the commenter is asked to describe what they would do if they were to happen upon her. I was going to add that one into the article, but most of the answers were so vulgar I would have had to censor every other word.




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This one just made me laugh. Begone scrub.