Meet HCRU's New Editor-in-Chief: Brianna Albrecht!

This week, HCRU welcomed a Editor-in-Chief Jordan Albrecht to the Her Campus team! We caught up with her to learn more about her life, interests and why she loves Her Campus!

Her Campus (HC): What’s your major?

Jordan Albrecht (JA): I’m currently a junior studying English with an emphasis in Secondary Education. I begin my student teaching in the spring semester and am incredibly excited to begin that portion of my journey.

HC: How would you describe yourself in five words?

JA: If I had to describe myself using only five words, I would say that I’m motivated, loyal, intellectual, nerdy and witty.

HC: What are your favorite hobbies?

JA: My hobbies include writing (no surprise there), reading, playing video games, hanging out with my family and close friends, attempting to play the piano (I took lessons when I was younger, but it’s become more of a stress-reliever now as opposed to being an actual talent) and archery.

HC: What’s your favorite book?

JA: I believe that picking a favorite book is nearly impossible. If I were to pick a favorite author, however, I would have to pick Brandon Sanderson. He writes a lot of fantasy novels and comes up with mind-blowing new plots and ideas.

His characters really come to life, and I feel deeply immersed in the world of the book when I read his novels. Fantasy is probably my favorite genre, but I also like historical fiction and sci-fi. I could honestly go on for quite a while about my favorite books as there are so many!

HC: How would you describe your time at Her Campus?

JA: Her Campus has been such an amazing experience. Not only have I grown closer with my fellow writers and friends, but I have also been able to grow in confidence as a writer. Being a relatively private person, I was never a fan of having other people read any of my essays or short stories when I was younger. However, being involved in Her Campus has made me realize that putting myself and my thoughts out there is not such a scary thing after all.

My favorite part about writing for Her Campus is the warmth and friendliness of my fellow writers both during our weekly meetings and out in the campus world. This semester, we have really grown as a team and have begun to feel more like a family who you can share your dreams with and be yourself around.

If you have been searching for a club or group to join where you will feel needed and loved, Her Campus is a perfect fit! Plus, Michaela (HCRU’s president) brings cookies and other pastry items to the meetings. Her Campus is a group of women trying to brighten people’s days, give solid advice and bring important aspects of society to light. So join for the cookies, but stay for the close fellowship!