A Letter To Incoming Freshmen

Dear Incoming Freshmen,

My name is Elizabeth, and I am about to graduate. I wanted to take the time to write you a letter and encourage you as you start college.

Here is some advice:

You'll get to college and want to find “the one.” You'll strive to get into a relationship and try to make yourself look good to the opposite gender.


Be yourself and if it comes, it comes. If you focus on finding “the one,” you'll miss out on beautiful memories with friends. It's an extra stress you don't need; school is already stressful enough.

You may come to college and think you have your future figured out.

Be open to change. It most likely will change. Fifty percent of my friends changed their major, and it's rare that someone knows exactly what they want to do.

And it's okay if you do something you didn't think you would. I started out as a government major and am now graduating with a B.A. in Christian Ministry. God may call you to something you don't expect.

Lastly, chase after God with your whole heart. Your friends will change, your relationship status will change and each year will bring new challenges, but God remains our rock for eternity. Hold onto Him and love him with your whole heart, mind, and soul.



P.S. Remember to have fun!!

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