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International Artists You Should Know: Dean



If you are at all into the K-pop scene, you may have already come across some works produced by Dean, a stunningly talented 25-year-old singer-songwriter from South Korea. Not only has he written songs for and with huge K-pop acts like EXO and Block B’s Zico, but Dean has also collaborated with respected Western artists like Eric Bellinger, Anderson Paak, and THEY. Not only that, but Dean’s debut song was actually completely in English, making him truly an international artist. He’s a great gateway into the K-music scene if you’re not sure you want to dive straight into its often confusing depths.


Another great thing about Dean is that he definitely has range, not just vocally but genre-wise as well. Of course, he is most well known for his criminally smooth R&B crooning and funky style music so if you’re ever looking for some good mood music, Dean is the man to go to. But, if you’re into more hype music, Dean still has something for you. He is part of a crew called Fanxy Child, which consists mostly of rappers and hip-hop artists, and he regularly features on their work or helps produce them. In fact, he’s been known to rap himself, or as close as his smooth vocals ever get to it, on a few Fanxy Child collaborative tracks, such as the iconic and self-titled “Fanxy Child”.


In regards to fandom, Dean’s is a great bunch to be a part of. His fans rarely cause drama and can usually be found being chill and aesthetic, much like the artist himself. Dean likes to keep it lowkey and is rarely in tabloids for scandalous behavior. The majority of his time is spent making amazing music in his studio and it shows. The shy, introverted artist doesn’t make a ton of TV appearances and interviews, but, when he does, he is a treat to watch. And this is not just because of his pretty face, though no one could deny than Dean’s beautiful voice matches his appearance quite well. As for his fashion, Dean often indulges in both the elegant, pea-coated styling currently popular for Korean men as well as the more edgy streetwear associated with the hip-hop and underground scene in South Korea.


And, luckily for any Dean fans, he does perform in the US fairly consistently, so you do actually have the opportunity to see him live, which is definitely an experience! These concerts are unfortunately usually all the way on the West Coast, but he has been known to venture further east on occasion. But before you start worrying about tickets, I guess you should actually check out his music first huh?


Essential Listening:

bonnie & clyde

D (half moon)



Featured on:

Bermuda Triangle by Zico

And July by Heize




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