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I Tried Fragrant Jewels Bath Bombs, And Here’s What I Thought

For my birthday this year, my sister sent me a cute little bath bomb from Target, but I wanted to spoil her with a fancier bath bomb for her birthday. I searched far and wide on Amazon, but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Then, I started browsing Facebook and an ad for Fragrant Jewels popped up on my newsfeed.

The ad was in the form of a video, and I was completely mesmerized by the vivid colors of the bath bombs and by the gorgeous rings hidden inside. Best of all, it said you could win some expensive rings with a code that comes with your bath bomb. There was a sale going on and, without hesitation, I started browsing the website and saw the perfect bath bomb for her: an August birthstone: Peridot Bath Bomb. The bath bomb was $14.95 with an online coupon I found, plus a $7.95 shipping fee, which made it a grand total of $19.31. I ordered it that same night, but I also wanted one… or two… or three for myself.

I wanted to use a gift card I had received in July for my birthday, but it would not go through on the website, so I decided to give Fragrant Jewels a call. And I received the most amazing customer service! I mentioned how I wanted to use a gift card for my birthday, and the Fragrant Jewels representative worked with me. My gift card wouldn’t work, but the representative gave me a special deal for my birthday! He let me choose three bath bombs for $33.00 and no shipping! That’s less than the price of two! One of the three bath bombs that I chose was the July Birthstone: Ruby Bath Bomb.

It smelled amazing and left my skin feeling oh so soft! Unfortunately, it is no longer available, and I forgot what the ingredients were, so I found them on the Fragrant Jewels Facebook Page. My bath bomb was an elegant ruby red color, made with “A drizzle of White Honey, a wild bouquet of Geranium and Peony, and a scoop of Velvet Peach”. I love how all Fragrant Jewels’ products are handmade right here in the United States (California to be exact).

Below are some pictures of my bath bomb adventure:The bomb fizzed and made the bath water look like peppermint swirls. After the bath bomb finished fizzing and dissolved, I found a plastic container with the ring and the vault code inside.And it was a perfect fit!After I typed in the code that came on the gold slip of paper, I found out that my ring is appraised at $25.00. I love it! When you type in the code, there’s also a chance you can win another ring worth even more! I am now a loyal customer of Fragrant Jewels. 

Photo Credit: Cover, 1, 2, 3: Jaclyn Cordero.

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