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If you are a lover of cute things or sweet things and live in Virginia, have I got an event for you.  The Hello Kitty Café Truck, one of my favorite things, is going to be nearby Regent this weekend. It will be traveling to other parts of Virginia and other states and does make frequent enough trips but since it’s happening so close to our school this Saturday, what better time to talk about Hello Kitty deserts!  

I'm going to start with my own first experience with the Hello Kitty Truck, a sort of review I guess, but first, I’ll start off with explaining what it is.  The Hello Kitty mobile café is a food truck that sells Hello Kitty merch like T-shirts, mugs, cute heart-shaped water bottles, and absolutely adorable Hello Kitty themed sweets like miniature cakes, macaroons, and sugar cookies. All of this in a very pink van covered in Hello Kitty and pastries.

The first thing I would note about my own Hello Kitty Café Truck experience is the number of people that showed up.  I would recommend to anyone who doesn’t already know, go as early as possible! It’s only one small truck and there are a lot of Hello Kitty fans so you could easily wait in a line for at least half an hour or miss out on what you came for because of how quickly they run out of stock.  When I did this I waited about forty minutes and, not knowing how popular it would be, went towards the last few hours they were going to be open. We happened to get the very last box of sweets. I was hoping for the macaroons as I’ve read they’re really great but they were out of most of their sweets and merchandise by the time I got to the front with only the display box of sugar cookies left for their stock of sweets.  It worked out for me by luck, but it wouldn’t be the most fun experience if you wait forever in the cold for a cake only to find it’s not there when you get to the front of the line!

The second thing I’ll talk about is the prices.  Everything is expensive. VERY expensive. The sweets are mostly small as well, so I think you’re paying more for the experience and detailed decorations on the sweets.  I believe the box of three cookies I got was twelve or thirteen dollars, but they looked and tasted great.

The third and last thing I’ll talk about is how the cookies I had gotten looked because they were very well done.  The first was a large cookie shaped like Hello Kitty’s head, caked in a thick covering of rainbow sprinkles, outlined with hard white frosting, drizzled with the same frosting in light pink , and to finish it off her bow was drawn with the same frosting on her ear and filled in with hot pink frosting.  It was beyond cute. The second was shaped like a to-go coffee cup and iced in white frosting, outlined in black, filled in pink at the top for the lid, and the best part: the center of the cookie coffee cup had Hello Kitty’s eyes, nose, whiskers, and ear bow on it. It’s hard to pick a favorite between those two, they were almost too cute to eat.  It was actually a difficult decision to eat them instead of keeping them in their wrappers forever. The third cookie was made to look like Hello Kitty herself. It was Hello Kitty wearing a hot pink ear bow and a black dress sitting sideways and holding one of her little paws up to where her mouth would be. Again, very cute.

Despite the high prices and long line, I would recommend anyone who loves cute things, Hello Kitty, or sugary things to go check out the Hello Kitty Café Truck.  It’s worth it. I also don’t think they change what they sell much so I’m almost positive you can get the same cookies I talked about, wrapped up in an adorable box.  The truck will be at the Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach this Saturday but you can check out all their scheduled stops at their site.


Alyssa Brock

Regent '20

Regent University student who loves writing about cooking, animals, diys, and other random things.
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