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HCRU Interview: Grace Kelley

This week, Her Campus at Regent University interviewed one of our new editors: Grace Kelley!


Get to know Grace and her passion for creative writing!


(Her Campus): What is your major?


(Grace Kelley): My major is English with a concentration in creative writing.


(HC): What has been your favorite class at Regent University?


(GK): My favorite class is a tie between English 101 and Fiction Writing class. I liked English 101 because I had Michan Myer (who unfortunately no longer works at Regent) as a professor. It was a super easy class, so I became bored with it sometimes, but Myer was a great, loving, and fun professor. I’m currently talking Fiction Writing class, which I love because I get to write short stories again, and short stories were the reason I started to love creative writing.


(HC): What has been your best memory of Regent?


(GK): My best memory at Regent was my freshman year Winter Ball. I went to the whole thing (which is weird for me, because I usually don’t like dances) with a great group of friends. It was fun to be dressed up and have a great time with friends until the crazy hours of 3 in the morning.


(HC): Do you have any advice for freshmen?


(GK): My number one advice for freshman is: Start getting organized and focused on school work NOW. I know people who decided to wait until junior year to get organized and focused and had a hard time doing it because by then they were juggling too much stuff in their lives and were starting to burn out. If you start using planners, sticking to schedules, and getting on top of your homework now, by the time you are in your fifth semester at Regent and have a job, six classes (two of which are eight-week), are a part of multiple clubs, and are doing sports, you will have a better handle on your life.


(HC): What is the toughest lesson you’ve learned since being in college?


(GK): This advice is coming from personal experience: in college, you cannot do everything. Sometimes, you want to be part of a million different things, and sometimes that can work for you. Other times, it cannot nor will not work out for you. Doing everything can burn you out, and could distract you from why you are at Regent: to get a degree. If you get overcommitted and need to drop something, drop something. If you wanted to be a part of something and that door was shut on you, walk away and feel grateful. God knows what you can handle, and doesn’t want you to be stressed over things.


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