A Good Skirt Is Hard to Find

Have you ever wanted a nice, simple skirt that's casual and comfortable?  Maybe one without a pattern so it can go with a variety of patterned tops and looks like tucked sweaters, blouses or cropped shirts that are just the perfect length to meet the waistband of a well-matched skirt?  

There are so many patterned tops out there that would look great with a skirt and as someone who wears skirts pretty much all the time, that description sounds perfect; plus, a clothing item so simple as that should be easy to find. There is, however, a problem with this perfect, simple skirt. For some reason, it's ridiculously hard to find a plain, solid colored skirt in any store. They're just not available anywhere.  If by some miracle I would happen to find one, I still run into the problem I find with every skirt— they're way too short. I will never understand why above-the-knee skirts are made to just barely cover your undies, but fortunately I've found two ways to get around both problems. 

The first way I've gotten around this skirt problem is with a specific skirt I found on Amazon. There are many skirts like this on Amazon so I'm sure this isn't the only one that works, but I have several of these now because of how well it works. The variety of solid colors, especially the darker colors, on a simple flared skirt make it something I can wear with any patterned top.  It also comes in two lengths: a short one (that many of the reviews claim is way too short) and a long one that goes past the knees.  I buy the longer skirt and cut it to where I want it, making a plain skirt with a length perfect for my leg length and height.  It's super easy to do; even if you know nothing about hemming or sewing, the fabric doesn't fray so you can easily just turn in the edge of the skirt after cutting it and sew it just like that.

The second method to finding a perfect skirt is just making it yourself.  To most people, making your own clothing doesn't sound easy at all, but a skirt is honestly one of the easiest things to sew.  It's a great beginner project and you can make a skirt exactly the way you want it in the perfect size for you.  The skirts I make are the same type as the one in the Amazon link above, a simple circle skirt on a solid colored material that flows nicely.  If you don't know what a circle skirt is, it consists of a large circle of fabric with a hole in the center for the waist and a long rectangle of fabric for the waistband.  Simple.  If you use something stretchy, you don’t even have to worry about figuring out how to add a zipper or getting measurements slightly off.  If you don’t want to take the time to figure out your measurements, don’t worry! I use an online app  that calculates everything for me; all I need to do is type in my waist size and decide how long I want my skirt to be.  

So, in a nutshell, the best way to get that perfect skirt is to alter one you bought or make it yourself.  The great thing about making your own is that you get to choose from a huge assortment of fabrics and colors, and you can make sure your skirt fits you perfectly.  Plus, there's always a sense of pride when you finish something like that, so you get a feel-good bonus!