Eight Weeks Of Discussion Board Posts, As Told By Criminal Minds

Let's face it: online classes are great, until you have to write a 500 word discussion post every week. Here are the weekly stages of discussion board writing, as portrayed by "Criminal Minds".

  1. Week One: You start the semester strong, using perfect citations, flawless grammar and a detailed analysis of the topic.
  2. Week Two: Everyone in your class was on top of things this week, so now you're stuck replying to approximately 27 responses to your post.
  3. Week Three: You're pretty sure that skimming the Wikipedia synopsis of your topic qualifies as research.
  4. Week Four: You're trying to get back on track after falling behind in week three, but the online distractions are real.
  5. Week Five: You check your grade in Blackboard, and you realize you really, truly need to catch up, but there are seven reading assignments this week and there just isn't time.
  6. Week Six: If it's a regular online class, you just want it finished. If it's a required religious gen-ed, you're ready to strangle whoever mandated 500 word posts on "Goodness" or "Truth".
  7. Week Seven: No one writes anything until 11:45 on Saturday night, so you scramble to write two 200-word replies in 15 minutes.
  8. Week Eight: Thanks to your online class, you now have midterms AND finals, so you "fake it till you make it" on the final discussion post.

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