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Dressember At Regent: Three Things You Need To Know

As the holidays get closer, school draws to a close and friends leave for Christmas break, Regent's Her Campus and IJM chapters have joined forces to keep everyone connected while fighting human trafficking. 

The goal: wear dresses (bow ties for guys) every day in the month of December to raise awareness and funding for anti-trafficking organizations with global impact.

Not sure where to start? HCRU has the basics:

1. How it works:

Regent students can participate in two ways: by donating to Regent's campaign, as well as wearing dresses or bow ties for the month of December, posting about it on social media (with the Regent hashtag #RUdressy and the general hashtag #itsbiggerthanadress), and asking friends and family to donate to the campaign.

2. You don't need a ton of dresses or bow ties.

Even if you only have a handful of dresses or bow ties, you can still create a variety of outfits (plus, you won't have to worry about different outfits during finals week). Just switch up your accessories, get creative, and check back with HCRU throughout the month of December for style tips and tricks, as well as ways to stay warm in a dress.

3. Follow Regent's Her Campus and IJM chapters on social media for campaign updates and style tips!

HCRU and IJM both have Facebook and Instagram! Be sure to use #RUdressy for a chance to get your photos featured on HCRU's Instagram account.

HCRU: FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Regent's IJM: Facebook and Instagram.


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