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Do This To Keep A Long-Distance Friendship Strong

Long distance relationships, man. Those things can really kill! By the way, I’m not talking about boyfriend-girlfriend relationships.

When I made the decision to move from the west coast to the east coast for school, I knew that it would put a strain on the friendship that I have with my best friend. Honestly, it hurt, and if you’re anything like me, you absolutely adore your best friend!

No more movie dates. No more lunch dates. No more awkward face to face moments where you both burst out into laughter for whatever odd reason. It’s a little harder than we’d like for it to be.

Long distance can be one state away, three states away or even a few hours away if you aren’t able to travel often. We all need our besties!

I want to offer a few options to keep that flame between you and your best friend burning:


Who cares what you look like! I mean, eye boogers, no makeup, face masks. I’m sure it doesn’t bother your other half one bit. Even though you aren’t literally face to face with your BFF, at least you can see their beautiful face live in action!


Throwback! Is it Thursday yet? There’s just something genuine in handwritten letters. My best friend and I both love writing so we tried this when we went to high school together, and it was a very sweet experience that I encourage others to do. Letters can show your friend just how much they mean to you. After all, if you share lots of stories with your BFF these letters will take time!

Random Photos

This is probably my favorite thing to do with my BFF! Snapchat has many fun filters and you could even send those old off-guard pictures that you’ve been hiding. If you want to be a little more serious, look through the prom pictures!

Quote your favorite lines

“F is for friends that do stuff together! U is for you and me.” You probably just sang along to this right now. This is a judgment free zone, and I’m sure your BFF won’t judge either. Be weird with each other! Lyric pranks, maybe? I just challenged myself to send my best friend song lyrics every day this week and it has been fun, especially when she sings the next part of the song (speaking of).

Honestly, it’s the little things that count and matter most. Send an encouraging message when you have a few spare minutes. School can keep you busy and always on the go, so at least try to check in on that special friend a couple of times per week.

The key to keeping up with the relationship is to nurture it by being intentional. 

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