Arsenic and Old Lace: Play Review

Theater season is finally here and Regent University has some great plays lined up for the season. The first play, Arsenic and Old Lace, is the perfect opening play of the season. It will cause audiences to laugh and be put on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what's going to happen next. 

In this classic comedy, Mortimer Brewster must somehow juggle his engagement to Elaine, the minister's daughter, with his homicidal family while fending off the police. With two spinster aunts offing lonely old men with their homemade brew and two unhinged brothers, one more sinister than the other, Mortimer's work is cut out for him.

The run time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. While this seems like an extended play, I promise you that the show will go by quickly. The cast did an incredible job of bringing this story to life. All the characters were interesting and brought something different to the play. However, Teddy Brewster (played by Davis Haymens), and Dr. Einstein (played by Dayton Edward Willison) stole the show. I don't think there was one moment where I didn't have a smile on my face while watching these two characters. The show is worth seeing just to see these two on stage. 

Abby and Martha Brewster were also very funny to watch. Their humor and total blindness to their issues made their characters very likeable. My friend and I laughed at the thought that this was going to be us one day. What a fun way to give back right?

The set was also very impressive. The story takes place in the home of the Brewsters and I loved the details of the home. The stage doesn’t seem to be very big so I was impressed with how well the set was done. For example, there were many little details, like pictures on the wall and different items placed throughout to really make it feel like a real home. 

Overall, Arsenic and Old Lace, this is the show I promise you will enjoy. If you are looking for a fun night out and laugh, you need to get to this show. 

While the first run of shows is over, you still have a chance to see this show! There are performances on October 18th, 19th, and the 20th. For adults, tickets are $19.50, and for Regent Students, it's $11. To purchase tickets, click here.